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Practical Theology and the Matrix

Author: Sister Hebe Quicksilver    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 27, 2000

(or, knowing everything is worth nothing if it's all in your head)

(To those of you who have seen the movie The Matrix and are convinced that its allegory is more than an allegory, be warned. This letter is the Red Pill. Ignore it if you would rather take the blue pill. No shit. I am entirely serious. If you are not ready to lay down every lie that you've ever told yourself, don't bother to read this. This is not a game. This is not a hoax. For those of you who asked for it, here it is.)

In "The Matrix" there was a father-redeemer figure (Morpheus) who was instrumental in deprogramming people who had the courage to see the truth and live in reality. That is who I work with. That is what I do. I work with only a handful of others who are able to stand to the rigors of the work. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I found him.

The first things you will want to know, maybe or maybe not

1] Artificial intelligence should more accurately be called fantasy or imagination. It is entirely true that most folks love their own imagination more than reality. They don't tell themselves or anyone else the exact truth, and they don't gauge their life by the plumb-line of the outcome of their actions. This causes you to not be able to see what is real, and creates the fantasy - isolation effect that you feel. Your soul seeks the reality, but any guilt and dishonesty creates a broken line (somewhat like a short in power) and the effect is to sedate with illusion.

2] There is a power plant. In the US after 1865, Massah no longer chained slaves, Massah entertained them. Slaves from every household now willingly participate in their slavery and are very punctual in reporting to the modern plantation, which is now called the plant, for short. To avoid reality and the responsibility for their actions, people choose to sell their labor, their hands, minds, and bodies for cash to purchase food, shelter, entertainment, fantasy, ego-enhancing accoutrements, a greater advantage over others in the system, and sexual gratification. The pursuit of these things to the exclusion of truth and personal responsibility induces an effective mental slavery.

When a person does not have the courage to take absolute responsibility for their own existence, they must pretend that there is a valid reason for giving up their life to the master they have chosen. Most folks do not want to take on the responsibility for themselves and for the outcome of their actions. In other words, they do not want to be sovereign. They do not want to force themselves out of the sleep of slavery. They want to have someone else to blame for their problems, whether it be the government, the nazis, the jews, the trilateral commission, their significant other, their parents, or the devil. In doing this, however, they give up their freedom. They lose the quality that makes them truly human and become verbal animals.

Outcome is the accurate measurement of motive and intent

Now, let me tell you what I am doing, not what I am thinking about that should be done, or what I am imagining. The painful reality is that imagination is an integral part of the Matrix. If you can't create, implement, and administrate a process through which your thoughts are able to take on physical proportions in space, energy, elements, and motion - if you have assembled a philosophy in your mind but you can't manifest it without the process breaking down in reality, then it's part of the Matrix.

I am a part of a military organization that is building scientific government upon nonviolent principles, the military science of nonviolence as was used both in India by our dear Mahatma Gandhi, and by the students of the Civil Rights movement here in the US in the 1960's.

We are doing several things. Our organization is building businesses, not to make money, but to provide necessary services to the community as a way to show people how truth creates economic stability. However, truthfulness is very lucrative, because you don't confuse your wants with your needs and end up financing addiction of one sort or another to sedate the pain that is caused by the secondary effects of dishonesty. And people ask for your services, because you don't rob them and the quality of work is excellent. Your mind is sharpened by the joy of excellence instead of being dulled by the justification of negligence.

We are introducing real education in the public schools, here - programs that we were asked to create by the school system in order to initiate character development classes for delinquent children. Our CEO is the person who planned and strategically executed the significant Civil Rights Movement campaigns from 1960 - 1968 with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King was really a figurehead, but part of the miseducation campaign that has been instituted in order to create hero worship of a man instead of a scientific understanding of the process that would show people how to govern themselves and be free.

This miseducation process is not part of a plot by some mysterious THEY, but by regular people, people like you and I who would rather buy into a lie that some charismatic leader miraculously performed a great feat of bravery and go back to sleep rather than taking responsibility for using the same principles to govern themselves and create healthy communities. The truth is that you have chosen to be Rip Van Winkle, sleeping through the Revolution. Will you wake up?

We are making ourselves honest people. We are building relationships based upon agreements between honest people, because those are the only agreements that can be kept. If a person doesn't know what motivates them, they will not be able to make a sovereign decision to keep an agreement. They will say anything, but they cannot manifest anything. They will be fooled by their unconscious obsession to sedate themselves from the effects of lying, from the compulsion to justify actions that don't make sense in the harsh light of reality. They will be swayed by their insecurities and vanity to do things that they hope will assure them security in a situation that will be to their advantage, without taking into consideration what effect it will have on others.

Picture being honest enough with yourself to be able to be totally honest with another person about everything that you think and do. Picture living naked and unashamed, because you are truthful, you know yourself and your true needs, and you don't violate yourself or do things that cause you shame. Picture being so free inside you that no one can control you with your fears of being discovered to be a phony. Picture being free enough that you are not motivated by shame, but by love.

If you can be honest, even thinking about this last paragraph created either immediate denial or great pain in you. It causes anger and anxiety, and the compulsion to stop reading, stop thinking, and do something pleasurable. Now you can see that the prison you are in is not externally imposed. It is imposed by your own pathological tendency toward dishonesty and slumber. You are suffering from the effects of laboring under the assumption that you cannot know truth.

We refuse to test our secret imaginations and fantasies in reality. We refuse to evaluate the outcomes of our own actions truthfully, and then we demand agreement and restitution or we declare personal, clan, or national war. This is all an elaborate ruse to convince ourselves that we could not be the cause of our suffering. It is a universal and well-accepted lie, but it is only a justification for not being honest about the cause and effect relationship between what we have sown and what we reap. Oh yes, we will kill about that.

Since the law of cause and effect is absolute, if we are not honest about cause, we will be mystified about effect. Our fear of an enemy is the externalization of an "inner me" who is afraid of suffering the effects of this divorce from reality. We ignore the cause and effect calamities that we have inflicted upon ourselves by our pathological social and personal irresponsibility. However, since our minds know the truth even when we play crazy about cause and effect, we know that there is trouble coming. We just lie about where it's coming from, and why it happens.

The called vs. the Chosen

This military organization is based on a nonviolent clinical process. This process is a science that has an interesting history, which I will relate to you a bit at a time if you write to me for the information.

Right here is where the culling of the chosen begins. The difference between the called and the Chosen is the ability to stand up and be truthful, to 1] point out my wrong, 2] acknowledge it, 3] confess it, 4] repent, 5] atone, 6] forgive, 7] reconcile, and 8] regain perfect union with the Source. Following these steps perpetually, sincerely and bravely is the key to the door of the internal prison. If you are to be Chosen, you must love truth more than your projected image of yourself. If you don't, you will protect your image and ignore the truth. That is your choice.

It is true that many are called, but few are Chosen. The first qualification for being the Chosen (which is the ability to manifest truth, beauty and order and to see into the hearts of men and heal them) is the choice to have integrity, or to have the courage to be consistently truthful. Anyone can be a coward. This is what has caused what you see around you every day in the community wherever you are and where I am, too.

About the organization for further assistance

This is a military organization. It is not religious. We are not moral. We are social scientists, social engineers. We choose to be willing to die rather than to be slaves, but we are not willing to kill in order to be free. To agree to kill is to become a predator, and, according to the law of cause and effect, every predator has agreed to become another predator's lawful prey. We know that we cannot ask for justice if we are not just. We do not claim a right to anything we have not pledged our lives to achieve for the rest of the family of Man, both male and female. We know that we cannot create advantage for ourselves without it being summarily used against us. We are not many, but we are very effective. We are an army that uses the mind as the weapon that kills ignorance and lies, not people.

It is much harder to accept the real Matrix, because we have such an investment in it, and because we are free to walk away at any time, but choose not to. It is hard to accept that the Chosen choose themselves, and that the first test of Chosenness is the degree to which we are willing to speak to our contribution to the Matrix of lies and deceit that keeps the whole world ensnared and asleep. It is hard to accept waking up to the pain of the truth as our sister and guide, who tells us when there is something that we are not doing correctly. It is hard not to sedate her, but to let her be our angel of truth, to relax into her and to let her tell us her secret, that there is no enemy. There is only ignorance, held in place by the denial of the truth. Until we accept the truth, we are living in an opium cloud of confusion and self-perpetuated delusion. Once truth has taken hold of the mind then the law of cause and effect becomes a tool for consciously implementing positive personal and social change.

My work as an educator/clinician is that of a midwife, to deliver others out of the web of self-inflicted slavery. If anyone is interested in removing your contribution to the Matrix, please contact me. If you are interested in joining the army, first decide if you are willing to go to hell to be truthful. If not, go back to sleep, you can't play liberation. But if you understand what I am saying and are willing to take the test with no assurance that you will pass it, there may be a place for you in the army.

However, we do not turn anyone away. We do not traffic in divorce of any sort. This is a sacred struggle, and as long as a person is willing to take the necessary steps to clinically restore themselves, they are welcome to continue the process. If they are not willing they leave on their own. This is not a place where you can come just to find shelter from the rain. The contradiction itself will kill you. Many people choose to die as opposed to being truthful, but this is honorable, because fertilizer is as necessary as truth. We have no friends. We have no bosses. We only have comrades. The truth is the only friend and the only authority a person needs to be happy and free.

Accept that it is entirely up to you whether you will pass this test. No one can stop you from passing it, and no one can help you pass it. The burden is on you, and you know if you pass it or not. It is hard, it is the second hardest thing in the world to do, to be absolutely truthful with yourself and the community, but there is one thing harder. That is to continue to lie. Accept that if you don't pass the test it is because it is your choice to love illusions rather than truth. But your mind will never forgive you. It will turn on you and destroy itself, because you have denied your purpose for living and so you cull yourself out of the community of the Chosen.

These are truths that you already know if you would be the Chosen. This is the red pill.

It is up to you to decide what you will do next.

Sister Hebe Quicksilver

Daughter of Zeus

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #38

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