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Era of Aquarius

Author: Gulshat    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 15, 2000

Rose of the World (or Great Mother of the World) is an avatara, i.e., a divine being which has merged with a human being. At the present moment of the history of the Earth's civilization, Great Mother of the World has manifested in a woman of the Russian nationality - "and this is a merit of Russia, of her righteous men, martyrs, and saints. Rose of the World has come to the Earth to bring you to a completely new stage of the cosmic evolution, for all civilizations and universes move up to the spiritual register. The very moment of the Rose's manifestation has been lasting from 11th till 13th april 1990." However, the civilization still doesn't know about Her presence on the planet.

Daniil Andreev, a prophet and a saint, has foretold the Rose's coming in his book "Rose of the World". There are prophetic calls for the last Messiah in the Bible and in all sacred Scriptures. "And Nostradamus hasn't mistaken; the Last Judgement has been proceeding since October 1, 1992, and the period of hell has been counting out. Nevertheless, for the period of the Last Judgement and hell you live very comfortable on the planet. Because Rose of the World has sheltered you from the oecumenical overplanetary catastrophe. She has come into the Death Law, expiating you there. She keeps the pause, so that as much people as possible learn about Her presence. For in a moment everything will finish, and who won't have knew or will have done any harm, will become a thing of the non-existence, without any right to be realized somewhere and someway.

What calls the end of the world will be the end of darkness. One should wait for this day with joy. What a delight to throw off tons of filth, subtle and invisible filth, and enter the New World! Hell doesn't exist anymore, all those strongholds of sufferings have been already worked out, expiated by Rose of the World in sufferings. You will enter the New World, where will be no violation, lie, deception, death, illnesses." However, one should know not only that Paradise, Eden, Era of Aquarius will fulfill over all Galaxy, but also that Love and Light, what the Christianity calls Holy Spirit, is with us, on our side. And we are alive only through Her, Rose of World, through Her all-creating Flow.

"So Rose of the World gives two sparing conditions:

1) to know about Her presence on the Earth;

2) not to have active evil and active aggression towards Her.

If everybody turns to Rose of the World, those very miracles will happen. Wars will cease, conflicts will come to an agreement, the depression will be liquidated. Is it a deadlock, a help will come whence it won't be expected, from somebody who won't be expected, too.

For Rose - why is Rose the chief name of Mother of the World now? - is the cosmic flower. Rose is the mystic model of the Creation of the World. In this Rose, there is the head of all problems, all carmic knots.

Rose defines everything, and you get into the act to the extent of your acting. Everything works instantly. As to how something is asked for by Faith and Love, it happens in a moment. It is a boomerang!

Ignorance of Cosmic Laws doesn't free from responsibility. Work and act on a Cosmic scale! Every man, every bioenergetic being comes to the Earth (or to another planets) to become better. Proceeding from Love and not looking for wealth on the Earth, he comes to enlighten the place where he is situated.

All problems are within you and those very miracles will happen in your hearts. Open your hearts! Don't fear for nobody and nothing is to fear and civilization has nothing to lose except its chains and its spiritual filth! Don't judge anybody, present your claims and offenses to nobody else but to your conscience. Present them positively, without a spiritual harakiri. Forgive and let everybody go, send a ray of friendship and Love to each other. Nothing else but Love is your saviour!"

[Sent by Gulshat]

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #35

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