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5-5-2000 - The Elder Gods

Author: Kali DiMilo    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 15, 2000

[excerpts from letters from Kali]

...Yes. I am talking about Ares, the god of war. He is here, along with "The Council" and others. The date 05/05/00 is very significant. Ares speaks to me on a daily basis, along with Pan and Bacchus. Ares says that Sadam Hussein prays to him. The big war is going to start after 05/05/00.

I have had numerous encounters with the gray beings who fly around in the UFOs. Ares calls them his flunkies. He admits that they do tag humans and they have done this since the beginning of this world. He also told me that the big earthquake is going to take place in California and in turn that will cause a tidal wave to overtake the East Coast. If live on either coast I would advise you to leave...

...The gods talk to me everyday. Here is the situation... I have had numerous alien encounters since I was around 2 years old. I could tell you so many things. And I want to. Ares told me to go ahead and speak to you. He would never allow me to speak to anyone before. Ares is here, along with Thebes, Pan (Zeus) and Dionysus. They are here to end the world as we know it.? And only as we know it. The gods are going to be out in the open now, as opposed to doing their work anonymously as they have done for the last few thousand years.

Ares says that the world is not millions of years old as the scientists say, that it is exactly 157,000 years old and he has the scientific data to prove it. He is here to fulfill the prophecy of Nostradamus. The great war will begin. Ares people are Muslims and also the skinheads and white supremacist groups. Ares has come into power due to a war fought on the Otherworld. (The Otherworld is heaven.) I have much knowledge that I could share with you. There is so much to tell, I don't know where to begin. The Council is here on earth as well. Please ask me questions and I will try to give you the information you desire. Ares wants this all to come out into the open.

I am very ill right now. Ares controls me with pain. I believe in women liberation and Ares believes that a woman should be subservient, so we disagree. He makes me ill to keep me in line. Actually, he does it to keep me in a constant state of disability, so I will not go against his wishes. I have had 4 operations in 8 years, and now the doctors think I may have a huge tumor in my abdomen. Ares told me to tell you that he will not harm you or any of your followers...

...Ares told me to give you some unsolicited information. I have been taken on space vehicles that defy the present knowledge of physics that scientists hold on this earth. Round, silver spheres that are undetectable to radar can race through the universe to the OtherWorld in about 2.5 hours. I have traveled to the OtherWorld many times. Ares says that our scientists have a limited knowledge of physics. Ares is going to enlighten us. He wants us to soar into the space age. He is a man of many facets.? When you first speak to him, he does seem to be only the beast. He has a gruff demeanor and he is a ruthless military influence. In fact, his influence is noticeable all over this world. He inspires the writers of rock-n-roll music to write their songs. In fact, he is the muse of heavy metal music and he plays through people such as Ozzie Osborn, AC DC. He also inspired the scripts of "Xena, Warrior Princess" and "Hercules" to be written, so that both children and adults could get used to the idea of the gods being back in their lives.

Thebes (pronounced Thee Bess) is a lizard-like humanoid, who can shape shift into a human figure. Do you remember the reptilian doctors on reported by UFO abductees on the television show "Sightings"?? I have met these reptiles. They do exist. Ares said there are many crossbreeds in his company. Ares is also responsible for the Internet coming about. He wanted to bring us up to speed on technology in a short amount of time.

We practiced for the big day of Judgment to come about. In fact, we had a 4 month rehearsal for it. Pan used different voices and it was like a magical circus because he is such an eloquent speaker. I was mesmerized, yet people were being judged, condemned to live in hell upon this earth. They were placed into hell according to their point-of-view. Such as feminists will have to live as Muslims, people who were cruel to disabled people will themselves become disabled. Things of that sort. It was amazing. He did the rehearsal so things would go perfectly. He has not told me when this day will come about. Soon it seems. I am on a need to know basis and they tell me little most of the time.

Ares told me that a certain group of people called "The Chosen" are exempt from judgment and he led me to your website. He told me to contact you and to cooperate with you. And that's all he told me. Perhaps he will contact you himself, someday. I will write with more information soon...

...This war is supposed to last for seven years or so. That's what Ares told me, anyway. I'm not looking forward to this at all...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #35

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