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5.5.2000 - The Gateways

Author: Corryn    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 15, 2000

Well Met all,

On the fifth day of the fifth month, on the fifth day of the week, eight planets will align. Not perfectly, mind you, but a basic alignment nonetheless. If it achieves what so many of the Chosen Clans fear, and flips the Earth, then so much the better. But I wouldn't expect waves of flame and water, six-headed beasts, or entire countries ravaged by plague and famine. THOSE conditions are uncertain. The set of conditions that WILL be certain, are those surrounding the Gateway.

I'll try explain in lay terms as best I can, but forgive me if I get esoteric:

By whatever theory you believe the world to exist (be it in layers, dimensions, or planes), you should realize that they are separated by semi-permeable layers called 'Veils'. These veils stop the planes from merging, and act as boundaries. When an eclipse or alignment of any major planetary bodies occurs, the Veils are weakened, and it becomes possible for a person to open a gap in the Veil. The alignments are usually too insignificant to weaken the Veil so much that someone could break through. As it stands, people have only been able to look into other worlds. But I'm not talking about Astral Projection or Far Sight (both of which can misrepresent reality, or take a person to a world in their own imagination), I'm talking about physical windows into other worlds.

The catch with May 5 comes with the number of planets aligning... With eight planets in an alignment, the Veils will be so weak, that it becomes possible, for a short time, to open a physical Gateway between two planes. The only other time, in the history of this world, when eight or more planets aligned, was about 10,000 years ago. Anyone who is well read in the history of the Old Ones will realize that 10,000 years ago, the Old Ones were imprisoned in the Abyss. And for this reason, May 5th is a very possible release date for them.

Where will they be released? That question has plagued me, and a hundred other Watchers for a very long time. There are functional Gateways in Peru, Egypt, Canada, Antarctica, Ireland, North America, Australia and the Middle East... and those are just the ones we know about. Some of those Gateways need to be opened on our side, others can only be opened on Their side. And with the Internet, eclectic magi, and Chaotes of today, temporary Gateways can be set up anywhere on the planet, providing that the respective (and misguided) magus has access to a suitable ritual and resources. And when they are released, why should the Old Ones rampage about like we expect them to? They can quite easily stay hidden while we lose faith and our numbers eventually die out.

I didn't come back to this world, suffer culture shock, and relive puberty to see another Armageddon ravage this planet. The Old Ones are not as evil and twisted as you would believe. And the Chosen are not as virtuous and benevolent as you would wish. The battle begins on May 5th, and the sides are as clouded and indistinct as the war.

Corryn, the former Enoch

P.S. [from another letter]: ...But if May 5 is the big day, it would explain a lot of the tension everyone is experiencing. And if the world doesn't flip it's axis, I would expect a lull following that day. The Old Ones would probably lie low for a while, allowing the Chosen to believe that they aren't free yet. The times ahead are uncertain and clouded. We all need to prepare.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #35

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