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The Last War: Chapter Ten - The Latecomer

Author: Brent    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 28, 2000

{This episode is written by the Fifth One.}

Chapter Ten - The Latecomer

Awake. Dreams from the night leave remnants of thoughts and processes in my mind. I probe to remember... They feel significant... I must scribe them... perhaps in the past I left them in disregard, but now I do not wish for anything to go amiss... seems too important now... alertness... I never write them down for records... Why? I know not... Just no, I do not.

Morning... awake and dosing in and out of consciousness... head is clear from rest and revival... yet thoughts pass through at this time of day like no other. Answers roll and roll without having even asked the questions yet. So often this feels like the most important part of the day. I do much learning now... at least in part.

The journey continues. I am late for this meeting but somehow it seems appropriate? The bell has chimed, and I am have arrived. Arrival imminent. It must be time... in fact... reconsider... I am right on time... the music plays... the game is in progress.

I sit alone... contemplating all that has gone before and all that will be... in awe... I stare. Into a past that has been and look into the future. Predictions... patterns... visions. I wonder... I ponder of all the things... so often with more than just prediction... a "knowing." I marvel in the spectacle of apparent life as it unfold and presents itself to me. How incredible it all is! How perfect!

Understanding, unfolding. It begins to come together... was never separate? Not really. But as the guise of complexity unravels things are simple. Yet in the networks of their arrangements one finds them hard to pick. Raw science? No... not so hard set. Raw modern science as we know it presently would leave one in a constant state of dismissal. Not raw science... and yet... things still are simple, still logical... but not logic as we know it. Perfection... pure.

The stars. Gazing up at the infinity of the universe... galaxies. Other worlds? One can appreciate that even being such a tiny part of something so huge, still has significance. For if one piece was not in place, not any other would function. I sit in recognition. In appreciation... with love for all that exists. How wonderful it all is! The diversity... the beauty. The "innerness" and the apparent "outerness".

Open. Like a book just waiting for me to turn the pages. Sometimes I choose to and sometimes not... I feel I am self-regulating in what I am ready for? Maybe we all are? Sacrifice... and almost necessity to turning each of the divine page of life. But not a sacrifice with "negative" connotations... no, no... a sacrifice for dignity and living in line with spirit.

So as thoughts unfold some get to know me... some do not because it can often threaten their system or maybe they just cannot comprehend where I stand?

Currently I am sit alone... yet... I still feel my circle of spiritual friends growing... it does not matter. Although alone I do not sit in loneliness, but simply aloneness. For just around the corner I feel a tidal wave... still of the fluid variety, but not physical water... I feel a tidal wave of energy... a tidal wave of connections... a tidal wave of love... soon I will not be alone because the world is changing so fast. I will ride this wave for now... in happiness I continue along the path I lay out before me and has been laid out before me... everything is going according to the plan (!)... It sometimes does not seem as such. But it is. Nothing can stop our evolution. I live in hope and love for all that exists. Even if sometimes things are seemingly going against the way things will be.

I will just sit back and enjoy the ride. After all... why fight destiny? Why move against eventual and inevitable love and unity? I stand up... time to surf... ride "this" wave...

By the way... for those of you that don't know me yet. I am Utopian. Or at least this is that which I will be known. I look forward to meeting you. Next time... my story begins...

Welcome to my world...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #34

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