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Author: Carey Lane Sullins    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 28, 2000

No music, maybe a graphic of an eagle without a head, or angel of light. Color?

I'm wondering if anyone has or knows of someone who has lights in their eyes. I got mine in '78 when I was first learning to meditate. They are about the size of a straight pin head, at first I had one in each eye. During a Unity retreat they doubled so now I have two in each eye.

Not long after I first got them I ran across a lady who could bring her lights into the center of her eyes and show them to other people. I was stunned she had some control of them and didn't think to talk to her about them for a few minutes and by then had lost track of her.


Glad to run across the Old Ones story, I'll get back to read it later... I just wanted to say a couple things about... Nephilim... 'Nephil' means 'giant' <<< No kidding... I saw a giant angel of light a few years after I first got ill, perhaps in 87... It was about 3 AM, the moon was full and overhead... (by the way, pray for me I'm tired of this illness)..

I saw it glide from the north horizon to the south horizon, with the best view being when it was right overhead between me and the moon. I figure it was about 5 football fields long with a wingspan of about 7 football fields. I'm sure I was thinking about the whole stadium not just the marked 100 yards.

If you drew a eagle with tiny points of light you would pretty much have it, only I couldn't make out if it had a head, maybe it was holding it up, but I suppose if it had one I could have noticed as the moon helped light it up. I could see the moon through it, but I was mainly noticing how detailed it was... able to make out the fine hairs and veins of its feathers.

Thinking I'm about the size of a small ant or flea next to this thing, I finally knew what the word AWE means. IN AWE...

As far as the fallen giant ones. You know those really big rocks stacked up in the desert like some giant kid had been using them for building blocks... Well, one time about 1980 I had an urge to take a picture of nothing. Later I noticed what looked like a triangular UFO cloaking on the picture.

I had it blown up, (bad image on 110 film) and started showing it around. Most I showed it to could see the UFO and would draw a picture of it that looked the same. One lady didn't see a UFO but a hat on a giant man. It took me a few more days to see the man after getting her to outline it a few times for me.

A ghost of a giant wearing a hat that looks like a triangular UFO with portholes around the brim. I wonder if he made his hat look that way on purpose. :)

...Pray for my healing and prosperity.

In 84 I as many have done, took on the illness of the Mother Earth = Environmental Illness: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It's been quite a ride and I'm really tired of it, but I guess it's better than the worse scenario of earth changes that we were in store for. Hey, at least I don't get knocked out a for a few days before an earthquake like I did for years.

Used to be when I woke up from a particular kind of deep log sleep I would look to see where the earthquake had been. Maybe it's not as hard on me these days with more people sharing in this illness. I don't think anyone will really understand what we have done to the Earth without taking on her symptoms. Perhaps it won't be long before everyone is sharing in them though.

I haven't had an income for 15 years, but have finally applied for Social Security Disability... actually I'd rather go through a flipping of the poles than to have to deal with them. Speaking of that, I had a dream last night I saw a bright red star. Perhaps it's about time to pack for the wilderness.

Eh, the illness has taught me a lot and given me a lot of insight. Plus I seem to always be able to do the spiritual things I'm inspired to do. I have accepted it to the point of no longer wishing I could go back in time and do things different to avoid it. Maybe complete healing is right around the corner. I keep thinking it's time to be getting over it.

I've been waiting on May 5th for a long time and have come to a point of thinking I'm ready for the Earth (who does have a Soul) to shake off its pesky fleas, rearrange herself and do whatever she needs to in order to detox.


Well, I've seen and experienced a lot of things, but I've got to save some for the book I've been planing on writing my whole life. I think the book will mainly be about what conclusions I come to through my experiences. Sylvia Browne says it will help a lot of people, and that people like a rocky story.

Maybe just pray I get to work on my book. I got a tape recorder figuring that I might finally get it done that way. I've got a feeling doing the book will be healing for me, physically and financially.


Don't look for me to get to involved, I lose a year about every 2 weeks, it seems. Ya know how some weeks seem to whiz by and you wonder where the time went... well that kind of thing happens with me, but it's 7 years at a time that flew by. Kind of bugged me when the first 7 years went by, 'cause I was thinking, OK, in this time all the cells in my body have been rejuvenated.

Then I was thinking if I hold the Christ mind in consciousness all the time for the next 7 years, I'm sure each cell would be born in light... I'll be a light body, etc....

But in the twinkle of an eye another 7 years was gone. Eh, enough rambling.

You Are Blessed "REMEMBER"

Test your love, try moving your mind into a wild bird in a tree and thinking how good it would feel to be petted by the human (your body)... For Real...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #34

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