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Achieving World Peace

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 28, 2000

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (Timeline 02/20/2000)

Achieving World Peace - Dedicated to my friend Annette

Before we explore the achievement of world peace we need to define what it is we mean by peace. When I was young my mother would often yell, "Give me some peace and quiet - PLEASE". The source of her exasperation was always the rambunctious behaviour of her children. The peace she sought through her impassioned plea was for the tranquility of silence - or at least controlled and muffled exuberance in her presence.

What she sought was the elusive state of calm, serenity and harmony - PEACE.

Elevating our topic of "peace" to a worldly level may not be all that different, however the relief we look for on the worldly scale is more to do with avoiding bloodshed, maiming, starvation, poisoning and other aberrations against each other. In short, the elimination of conflict between humans, mercy for other life forms and good governance of the environment. The antonym for peace is uproar. Often we are led to think war is the antonym for peace.

A reasonable definition for world "peace" is for us all to enjoyably cohabit the planet. This definition seems so simple and easy to achieve, why is it so difficult to accomplish?

This definition for peace presupposes we all have a common desire for it, the elusive state of calm, serenity and harmony my mother so wanted to achieve at home. Surely well centered and grounded folk share this desire for peace. Examining the primary cause of uproar at home and throughout the world we can easily see the root cause is selfishness, a reluctance to share. Reluctance of sharing, be it our toys as children, love or common resources as adults is surely the fundamental engine of uproar.

Sharing then is the engine for peace.

Throughout history and all around us we easily see that selfishness is a self-defeating strategy. Selfishness leads to accumulating more than we need. Having more than we need leads to the burden of maintaining an impossible surplus.

Empires and personal excessive wealth is impossible to maintain and ultimately a great penalty is paid for taking to amass.

How many empires and dynasty's can you think of that have vanished into thin air - impossible to sustain? How many ultra rich individuals can you think of that ultimately lead and completed fulfilling lives unencumbered by their responsibilities of excessive surplus? "Not many," I will hazard to guess.

Bill behind the Gates?

"Give" and "take" are both four letter words, they both mean, "transfer something to someone". However, one little word leads to peace the other to war. Sharing is the pathway to peace. Sharing quells the incessant din of war. Sharing of mind, body, soul and sustenance trounces uproar. Sharing is pure love. Sharing is PEACE.

If a body has enough, there is enough for everybody. Teach and live the gift of sharing - accomplish peace.

Yes, it is simple like all truths are.

Love Light and Laughter for your journey,

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (a.k.a. WaveWarrior)

A World the way a World should be.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #34

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