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Ten Layers of Reality

Author: Glok    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 28, 2000

Hello, friends, I am fairly new to Project X and I have an amazing story to tell. But first I must tell of the world I have come to see and what is involved in its reality.

Anything you CAN think is REAL by the very fact that you can think it. How else could you think it? This means that everything you have ever perceived, EVEN IN DREAMS AND VISIONS, is real and composes part of your past. This forms the basis for what follows.

The 10 layers of reality (as I see them)

(1) Heaven (Universal Infinity)

(2) Cosmic

(3) Transcendent

(4) Spiritual

(5) Mental

(6) Astral (the realm we dream and 'astral-travel' in)

(7) Physical

(8) Magickal

(9) Temporo-physical (the realm that forms the basis for our existence)

(10) Hell (Universal Infinity)

As you can see, I have described both heaven and hell as universal infinities. There is a reason for this. That is that the further I have traveled either way, the more like the opposite realm that it has seemed. There is another reason too, however. Simply put, (I will explain more in future articles) I have seen, experienced, felt myself die numerous times, and every time, I have passed either up or down through infinity and come back to near where I started. This leads me to believe that the Universe is, in fact, Circular.

I will provide as much information as I can about the Temporo-physical realm as I can without specific questions.

Is is a smooth continuum of consciousness.

It contains all basis for anything that can be.

It is purgatory.

As you travel through the temporo-physical realm you realize that everything is connected through time and space and you realize that the universe really is One. If you are in the temporo-physical realm you will feel that you are working very hard and not getting anywhere (you actually are getting somewhere but since it is so close to hell, it feels fruitless. Believe me, you are getting things done and are making a great impact on the future).

In the temporo-physical realm, it seems as if everything you see is more than real, it is colorful and rich and thick.

The full impact of this is that the thing you do in dreams are as important and as real as the things you do while awake. They have just as much impact on your future and the future of others. And, especially since they are in a different realm, there are things that you MUST do in you dreams to affect your reality that you cannot do while awake.

I often engage in great battles in my dream realms, that is, in fact, where I do most of my work nowadays. So the next time you engage in an archetypal battle in a dream, remember that it is REAL. If you can effect a positive outcome, it will affect your waking life, and the lives of others.

Everything you do is important and matters.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #34

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