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The Last War: Chapter Eight

Author: Night    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 18, 2000

Chapter Eight - written by night

There I was, on the field of battle. Staring at the enemy. A massive ocean of people that wished to kill me. I stood there with a sword in one hand and a small shield in the other. As I stood there, I wondered why this was happening? Why would they wish me harm? "CHARGE", was shouted from within the ranks of the enemy. A massive wave of humans started running towards me. I then began to run to them. This was to be the battle of my life. This was to be my defining moment. The first members of the horde began to reach me. I blocked the first blow and countered with a slash. He fell to my side. I continued on to the next. They were all falling like dominoes. I was slashing and stabbing at any and all that came near me. Each one that fell two more took his place, and they, too, fell. I was winning. Then the crowd separated. I large powerful man stepped forward. He raised his word as if to strike me from above. I raised my shield and prepared for the blow. Just as I raised my shield his sword dropped. He stabbed right into my chest. I fell to the ground while he pulled his sword from the new hole he had just placed in my body. Everything began to fade to black. The last thing I heard was the cheers of the crowd for the man who had just slain me.

I awoke in a cold sweat. These nightmares were becoming more frequent. This one was different though. I died this time. I had faced an enemy and lost. This is quite a shock when death had not even been a worry to me before this. I sat there in my car just thinking about this dream and my own life to that point. I decided it was time to give my life meaning. More importantly it was time to make this journey worth something. It was time to find out who my father was and to discover more about that part of my heritage.

I headed down the road to find the only part of my father's family that I had ever met. His brother. I had an address, but nothing more. I hoped he still lived there. I hadn't seen him for over eight years. I hoped he would recognize me. I hoped I would recognize him. I just hoped. For the first time in my life I had hope. It was a good feeling.

Next time William continues his new search for his family...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #32

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