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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 18, 2000

Today's issue is the most unique one, and before I explain why, there is a personal request for each and every one of you. I have started the New Age Poetry Contest weeks ago, in order to make the poets feel good about their creations and also to give you, the readers, an opportunity to win a prize. So far I have received only 13 votes (out of over 1200 subscribers), most of them are from my friends, whom I asked to vote personally. I think this is unfair, both to the poets and to yourselves. So, people, just hit the Reply button and let me know the number of the poem that deserves to be crowned as the best one. The numbers are given below the Opening Words.

I am also aware of the fact that recent editions are somewhat lengthy, but I guarantee you that they worthy of your reading, so take your time scrolling through them.

And now to a more burning issue. First of all, read the following letter I received this week:


"Subject: Project X

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 08:34:44 -0800

From: LaCynda Gibson



From: International Community of Christ

?????????? 643 Ralston Street

?????????? Reno, Nevada? 89503

Dear Mssrs. Aldarow and Zidran:

We have become aware of your use of the name PROJECT X. The name PROJECT X is a registered trademark of the International Community of Christ (US Registration No. 2,138,995 and previous US Registration No. 1,633,136) The purpose of this letter is to demand that you immediately cease infringing upon that trademark and that you desist from doing so again in the future.

In addition to demanding that you cease and desist your infringing activities we require that all copies of materials containing the trademark, distributed to date and inventory, be accounted for. It is within our legal right to demand that all profits realized by the unauthorized use of the name PROJECT X be turned over to us, and we hereby so demand. Any violations of this type entitle us to temporary or permanent injunctive relief in a court of law.

We trust this matter will be resolved without further legal recourse.

We require a response from you within ten(10) days of the date of this communication or this issue of your unauthorized and illegal activities will be turned over to our attorneys.


Gene Savoy, Jr.

Legal Department

cc: Pat Lundvall, ESQ

?????? McDonald, Carano, Wilson, McCune, Bergin, Francovich & Hicks

?????? 241 Ridge Street

?????? P.O. Box 2670

?????? Reno, Nevada? 89505

?????? John A. White, Jr. ESQ.

?????? White Law Chartered

??????? 331 W. First Street

??????? Reno, Nevada? 89503

LaCynda Gibson"


After I overcame the initial shock, as some of you probably did just now, I began to act. First of all, I've responded to the person above, with a rather sarcastic and slightly offensive letter, I must say, stating my arguments. That was not the only step I took - I made this obscure affair a public one. I've forwarded it to 103 of my friends on my address book, asking them to send to the International Community of Christ a couple of lines, stating why OUR Project X is more important to them, placing also my e-mail in CC: line.

The total response was amazing, and I'd like to thank all my friends for their supportive and kind words. This kind of story is familiar to all, the big companies trying to squash the small enterprises; if my memory does not betray me, there was a recent case of vs, eToy being the huge monopoly, while is a much smaller European website, both are selling toys on-line, and although the latter was on-line from much earlier period, demanded to shut them down because of the alleged copyright violation. And now the European kids can't buy their toys, because the American businessmen cannot stand any competition.

I'll refer to the replies I received. There were few that, as a result of the above threat, wished to withdraw from Project X, some told me that I was acting out of anger and fear, some said that those people won't give a damn about my attempt to stir the public opinion. Perhaps, they are right, but I'm not the type that turns the other cheek - I am not as much as reactive as I am pro-active. The majority of the e-mails, nevertheless, were in my favor. Most of the arguments, that were brought before me as well as before the Int. Com. of Christ, were similar to the ones I've originally e-mailed them: I'm in Israel, therefore US / Nevada trademarks are not valid here; my website is a non-profit and a private one; there are dozens of others' pages on the Internet, all titled "Project X", the name is also used in sci-fi and PC games; the Internet itself cannot be censored. Again, I endlessly appreciate the help I received in this hour of test.

In addition, a few among my closest friends, such as Nancy and Original Six, saw this ridiculous matter for what it really is: an attempt to suppress us, to silence our free voices, to shut us down. The same case is the Eckankar movement, taken over by Klemp and his dark agents, who then continued to persecute Sri Darwin Gross, dragging him to the court because of the same trademark rights. In contrary to what is believed this day, it is true, the top of Eckankar movement is controlled by negative psychics. Yes, as Gahvin Nitewalker has posted on our Open Forum, not everything is light and love out there.

Please, don't get me wrong. I am not furious, trying to blame the other side in all the earthly sins, greed, undoubtedly, among them. I also do not claim that the person writing the above e-mail really thought is his mind, "Hey, Aldarow reaches to too many people, his site is too popular, he is the threat to our conspiracy plans, let's destroy this Jedi." However, the same pattern, as seen here, repeats all over the planet on a much larger scale. Under disguise of legal actions and such, free thinkers are being 'demanded to cease', materialism and thirst for power drives titanic companies to capture an absolute monopoly, in every realm, Microsoft on software market, mainstream Christianity in spirituality, and so on. The teachings of Mohammed, Christ and Moses are twisted these days, adjusted to serve the egocentric and extreme desires of the preachers. Mohammed never originally called to terror acts, Christ was always about loving thy brother, not charging money for that, and Moses did not deliver message about reversing the inevitable progress of a country (in this case I'm referring ot the religious 'leaders' of Israel).

Alex, man, some have written to me, why clinging to a name, and they are correct, it is not the name that counts, it is the people standing behind it, you, reader, included, sharing, helping each other, having the time of their life, all by the means of our on-line spiritual/paranormal community. I was suggested to change to Project XX, XYZ, X!, Ecs, Ex, and so on. I thought also of XXX, but that would be a bit misleading, wouldn't it? (See, I can still joke in situations like this). But let me tell you something. It is a title that me, Rinor and Rami have chosen years ago, to name our small group, which has started as an amateur paranormal research team, long before we went on-line and met all the wonderful people like yourselves. The name connects us to all the lessons we were told before, all the obstacles we made our way through, all the experiences we had and cosmic messages we received. Call me sentimental, but it has a value for me, this the the name by which we have became known in the cyberspace and on other planes, it means to us more than to the repulsive lawyers.

So there you have it - a CAUS-like lawsuit of our own. BUT if we all stand tall, the dark ones will never be able to submit us.

Also stay tuned for the next issue as well, were you can find a very interesting article by Doug Lewis and several amazing events that happened to new members of our limitless circle. I will also keep you posted of how this laughable story develops.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #32

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