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The Shootings in Colorado

Author: Bill    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 8, 1999

The media is overflowing with commentary as to who is to blame for the terrible school shootings in Littleton Colorado. Parents, school, church, movies, Internet, music, etc. Everyone and everything is being mentioned. Yet no one dares to consider the cosmic changes spoken of by those who came before us. Our lives are now under the influence of Uranus and Pluto. Uranus brings on revolution, irrational thoughts, confusion, It does this to make way for a new consciousness. The liberation from the past comes at a price. Uranus spins opposite to the other planets and its magnetic field is chaotic. This age is ruled by Uranus, which in the Greek Bible means Heaven. Pluto is the dark planet. As the earth's vibration speeds up many cannot take the vibrations of Pluto energy. Evils laying deep in the subconscious are brought to the surface. On February 11th 1999, Pluto and Charon crossed Neptune's orbit (the river Styx) and took their place as the doorway to the next world. Pluto made its move 2 months ago. Over the last 80 years or so we have seen war after war, atomic bombs, religious conflict and a breakdown of "traditional values".? The influences of Uranus and Pluto have been written of down through the years, and their time is now. Our civilizations and societies have been turned upside down. Traditional order has been uprooted. Everything has dramatically changed yet people are pointing fingers instead of understanding the cosmic implications of this change. The magnetism has changed human thinking in its evolution towards a new consciousness. The new Aquarium season of the cosmos is taking a deep hold. That is why it is so important that you meditate. One who goes within collapses the wave to a particle and can focus in harmony with this new angle of light. One, who does not, becomes subject to the chaos and confusion of the new disruptive energy. So when people cry out on TV, " what is going on", "how could this happen"? Jesus gave the answer in the Bible. "You can discern the signs of the seasons, but you cannot discern the signs of the times". Pluto and Charon have made their move and the shaking is coming down. Though those outside will not hear it, that is the reason for the drastic change in our social order. That is the reason that the darkness has risen to the surface in individuals and countries alike. As Joseph Campbell pointed out, our myth is Star Wars and Darth Vader is we. But have heart as you look within. The Weatherman is about to tip the pitcher and wash the darkness away.

Bill (from Hidden Meanings)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #14

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