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News in the World of Supernatural: Prehistoric Moon Map Unearthed

Published on: May 8, 1999

A map of the moon ten times older than anything known before has been found carved into stone at one of Ireland's most ancient and mysterious Neolithic sites. It has been identified by Dr Philip Stooke of the University of Western Ontario in Canada. What puzzled him greatly was that there was no recorded map of the moon older than about 500 years. Then he found one. It took the eye of an expert to see it for what it was. It was carved into a rock in one of Ireland's most remarkable prehistoric tombs at Knowth, County Meath. ?I was amazed when I saw it. Place the markings over a picture of the full moon and you will see that they line up. It is without doubt a map of the moon, the most ancient one ever found,? said Dr Stooke. ?It's all there in the carving. You can see the overall pattern of the lunar features from features such as Mare Humorun through to Mare Crisium.? Dr Stooke believes that it may have been drawn on the rock with chalk or with colored paint. Before this discovery, the oldest map of the moon was by Leonardo da Vinci, drawn about 1505.

{Source: BBC News}

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #14

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