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Mysteries in the Dune

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 8, 1999

It all started last week, I had a strange feeling I should go to the dune, relax a little, meditate on the sand, watch the dune's hills, and get my strength back into my body and soul.

It was four-fifteen P.M., the sun was high on the sky, hitting hard on the sand with its warmth and energies. I got to the dune by foot (parked my car somewhere else), and as I laid my feet on the sand I felt the difference, I felt the dune's energies come to me, and I felt as if the dune invites me to explore it, the same feeling that I felt at home and that have brought me there.

I kept walking, I knew where to go, but the feeling was different, because it was afternoon, a feeling of peace and quite, different from the one I have when I come to the dune at morning, a feeling from the past? and it was a positive one.

When I got to the spot at the dune where Aldarow and I always sit and meditate, share our thoughts, something was new. The spot is all sand, and there are trees partially surrounding it, kind of a mixture of desert and forest, which makes it so special. One particular tree, the same one, where we usually sit next to, was different... there was something on it, a bag, a yellow plastic bag stuck high on it, it was close and I felt chill going inside me, the thought of the dune inviting me to go and explore it came to my mind again... and the chill have increased.

I saw two crows on other trees and felt as if they are watching me, as if they protect me.

I started to move toward the tree, when suddenly one crow flew away, and seconds later there were a dozen crows there, they were circling above my head. I froze on my place, afraid that if I will move, they will do something... but not quite sure what.

A minute later they flew away to a tree near the one I was about to climb and get the bag... but the strange thing was that they landed evenly on two trees close to each other... six on every tree.

As I started moving towards the tree where the bag was, they flew in circles above my head again, I moved quick and got to that tree, waited for the situation to calm down.

I climbed the tree (the crows were still there... on other trees nearby), opened the bag and there was a pen and three papers there, one blank, two with words in Russian.

I put it all in my pocket (the yellow bag was hanging on the tree), and left the dune... knowing the feeling, that I had at home and as I walked in the dune, was true.

After I meditated in the dune, I remembered Aldarow had the same bag, but I knew it was not him. I did not know what was written on the papers, I did not know why the pen, Aldarow knew, and we were about to find out...

To Be Continued...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #14

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