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Re: 10th issue

Author: Mathews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 1999

I was reading your news letter with great interest, right up until the part about melting all the weapons in the world!!!!!!! What a lot of crap! All higher beings know that they CAN NOT destroy other peoples property- it's the very first part of the cosmic law - a weapon is not good or bad - it is how it is used and by whom.

As a matter of fact that is why we are in bodies, serving our time, and we have free will, and the higher beings know that they can not impose their will upon others. The minute you start talking about imposing your will (destroying others property) on others you are no longer a higher being.

I would like to see a world of peace and have created my own bubble of peace, however what others do with their spiritual lives is not my place to change, only to show by example, and lend advice if asked. Everyone has their own path to follow and as an Angel it is my place to serve when asked NOT impose my will on others.

As a matter of fact as soon as I read that passage I was so steamed that I read no further. You can only change yourself and I would really like to know who made you a god. Even Jesus himself didn't try to destroy the entire Roman legion, he also preached to find peace within yourself and that you are not your brother's keeper.

I seriously hope that you will think long and hard before you start imposing your will further upon others.

Maureen Mathews


Aldarow's response: Hello, Mathews, my angry adversary :)

You are absolutely right, and to show that I am placing your letter in this edition, with my response. Of course, we mustn't impose our will upon others - it is how the wars start at the first place. However, let me just point out that the article you are referring to wasn't written by us. Of course, we are responsible for everything that is published here, but it seems that you got stuck on one expression and altogether missed the whole idea presented in that article - a Solar Wave washing the globe, washing away all that's rotten, corrupting, negative. As for your own bubble of peace - good for you, but how much do we really accomplish if we seclude ourselves in our private worlds, fearing to interact, to exchange, and eventually - to change.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #12

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