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First ET communication

Author: Tom Hackney    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 1999

The extraterrestrial message contained in the recent Peekskill and Jupiter impact events is described in detail at my web, EtiGrail:


Because of its size and complexity, it is not feasible to "attach" this communication herewith, however, if you are interested in covering this historic event -- i.e. the first substantive contact with extraterrestrials -- I'd be happy to collaborate with you on this.

It is important to read all of the 25 or so links which comprise EtiGrail as the communication received is neither facile nor short, but cumulative and progressively interconnected.

Thank you for your time and effort in this important millennial project and news.

Tom Hackney


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #12

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