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Brain Wave Diary, Questions and Answers

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 1999

(This letter is for Erin in response to reading the "Brain Wave Diary" passage dealing with the "Mechanism for world change." The channeled responses may be of interest to the newsletter readers).

First, let me thank you for taking time to write. In today's hustle, bustle world -- it seems hardly anyone has the time to just stop and think. You have posed some very interesting questions. I have provided some comments to them and hope I have understood them correctly.

The answers provided are directly channeled and I have relayed them as given to me.

I hope they are useful to you and your kindred spirit friends and acquaintances. The asking of such questions is proof that the collective conscious is beginning to focus on the reality of the condition of our current existence cycle.

Q) When should we expect to have this change come up on us?

A) We are in the early stages of the changes beginning to happen. The signs are all around us. The height of the changes will occur between 2008 - 2012. The changes are to be very positive. During the change period it is wise for the enlightened to remove themselves from places of obvious risk. Places susceptible to natural disaster and such. These will worsen each year until 2012. We should not be afraid of this phase - just careful. It is the earth's way of getting our attention. This leads to a collective conscious developing.

The stages leading to collective conscious are:

- denial of the situation.

- realization of the reality of what is happening.

- fear of the realization of what is happening.

- acceptance of the reality of the situation.

- planning. Getting options together.

- implementation of good ideas.

Q) I have seen so much evidence of women being the prime sufferer of infertility. How do you think this will be combated?

A) The man-made toxic poisons in the environment we live in is the primary cause for reproductive problems for both male and female. We are a great burden to the planet - not through overpopulation but through misuse of the given resource gifts. Less population will tend to correct this naturally although the better solution is self regulated better use of the planets resources.

Even successful pregnancies over the next two decades will not favor male births. All embryos start out as female. During the pregnancy process some fetus are supposed to switch to male giving us a balance of male to female babies. This is a fragile process. It is damaged by the toxins in the living environment. Less and less births will be male babies because this process is most affected by the toxins.

Reproductive maladies will right themselves as the environment and food chain regains an unpolluted state. Environmental healing will occur from 2012 on for the next eight generations.

The high population of females from now until then will cause the change in how we operate our lives and use the planet. We will fast abandon ways that are destructive to the environment. The females will soon realize their strength and power in the new world and will lead us into the solution.

Q) I'm curious too about the prophesies that seem to be fulfilling these days and how this is going to affect our future.

A) Most prophesies describe signs marking the time of change - so we will recognize change has begun. The prophesies are not the mechanism of change.

Some folks futures will be affected by some prophesies if they do not recognize they have situated themselves in risky situations or places. Those heeding the prophesies will have taken simple precautions to avoid harm.

Q) I definitely feel that the collective consciousness is shifting this year.

A) As the signs of intervention become more obvious and frightening this focuses the collective conscious into a universal thinking. 6 billion all focusing on the same dilemma is a powerful and unstoppable force. Common realization, scheduled to begin in earnest about 2008 will result in many rapid changes in how we are doing things.

We will all head the same way for the same reason - world consensus. A common threat to world survival ensures this.

Q) I feel that so many are panicking & causing a negative wave.

A) This is the next stage following realization -- fear. The next stage is acceptance - some of us are running ahead of the pack and are at the acceptance and planning stage. The fearful will catch up to us soon.

Q) I feel that some of us are trying to put the good energies out there but I'm afraid it may not be enough.

A) As explained before, we will all pass through the same stages -- denial, realization, fear, acceptance, planning then implementation of good ideas. We are not all synchronized with the timetable. Those of us at the acceptance and planning stage will have the feeling it is hopeless unless we realize it is because we are ahead of the curve. We started first because we are of a more enlightened type. We are not all born equal in this regard. Do not lose the faith, keep going with the positive messages. The masses be right behind.

Q) Could the fear of "the final days" actually be what causes it to come to fruition?

A) The fear leads to acceptance and planning for a solution. It does not lead to an end. It leads to a new beginning.

Although we have freewill, all has been planned so we cannot stray too far from the path we are supposed to follow. If we get out of hand -- designed checks and balances come into play.

One way or another the mother earth will right herself - in spite of us. It is better to have this healing process as a cooperative venture rather than fighting it. If we stop and evaluate each intervention we will eventually learn the best way to live our life stage of existence. It is an ageless, timeless process. It is up to us whether we would like our living time to be pleasant or hard.

Thanks again for the questions, Erin. Sometimes having answers leads to more questions. I hope the answers provided are of use to you and yours.


Doug Lewis (aka) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *S*

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #12

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