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Re: Project X newsletter, 11th issue

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 1999


?????? A very moving newsletter, I must say. I haven't done much lately, except for the other night, I attempted to heal someone through telepathy. Still not sure how well it worked out, but when I woke up the next morning, I felt like the things he complained of, had transferred into me, felt really horrible.

??????? I shall be meditating soon enough, when there are not too many demands of me, by others.? Sometimes things are difficult, and other times, everything is fine... I recall the other night, as I was drifting off, I felt as if a stuffed animal had fallen on my right arm (on the couch... up... on the back part of it... by the wall lamp, I have a Coca-Cola polar bear stuffed animal, that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine's day... ), it felt like that had fallen on me, but when I opened my eyes, the polar bear was sitting up on the couch by the lamp where I had put it last... Also, I think I am still sensitive to spiritual contact, because earlier in the week as I was trying to sleep, I felt the touch of someone's hand on my right arm, I didn't bother looking, because right after that, I fell asleep.

??????? Another thing... a few times a week, when I work at my computer, sometimes I stand, because I grow tired of sitting in the chair. There is a lamp near the wall to the right of me, but it shines down on the monitor and printer. A few times a week, when I stand at my computer, I feel as though there is a light shining down upon me (when this happens the only light on is the one that shines on the printer and monitor)... of course... when I look up, there is nothing peculiar there.

That is all for now... if anything new occurs, I will let you know.


??????? Hello.? I especially liked your section to this newsletter. It must be so difficult for you... to finally realize that you have to choose. And you are right that nobody can guide you... because it really needs to be decided by you. Personally, I never had trouble deciding which path to walk.? Since childhood, it was in me, and even then I knew which I would be. Sometime last year, I started to get lost. That's when I was close to the warlock. Nothing was right, and now that I think back... I could have lost myself forever, had I done things differently, i.e., left Florida back in August. You are a dear friend to me, and you have helped me with many things, as Aldarow and Robert has... you've all helped me discover things about myself and my past. For that, I can never thank you enough. I want you to know that I wish you the best in your search.


??????? You asked what is happening to you? I think it is that you are more open to spiritual contact, and you saw that as a sign that your father-in-law is well, and as a message from him for you to know what it is that he wants you to know, i.e., that time grows short.

Be well...


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #12

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