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Paranormal on Web

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 15, 1999

Today's section will be dedicated to other fine mailing lists circling on the Net:

1) The Strange List, in-depth UFO and conspiracy articles, really amazing reading stuff. To subscribe, send an e-mail to, with the words 'subscribe the-strange-list' in the body of the message.

2) ParaDiscuss: open mailing list, were you can freely meet and talk to very interesting people about every paranormal issue. To subscribe, send an e-mail to, with the words 'subscribe para-discuss' in the body of the message.

3) Quickening News: truly great daily mail, with up-to-date report on world's natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, plagues, social unrest and many more -- all those alarming signs of the Apocalypse. The problem is that I don't quite remember how I got subscribed to it, I think you have to go to -- I will let you know for sure in the following newsletter. Want to know how to prepare yourself for the emergency? Send a blank message to an autoresponder at Again, if I am wrong with any of those links, I apologize, and I will let you know in the next issue.

4) Paranormal-l: another open discussion list, the one that originally brought me to all of the above. Click here -->, or, if it doesn't work, go to, and search for the keyword 'paranormal'

5) And, of course, how could we neglect our major source, CAUS updates -- I believe those need no introduction. Go to, and also join the 'Dollar a Month Club'.

6) And now for something completely different: LaffADay, the funniest daily bunch of jokes you'll find on the Web: However, be aware the ALL the jokes will seem to you offensive, no matter what sex, race or job you are. The list's moderator, on the other hand, takes them lightly, and so should you.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #9

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