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The Sea

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 15, 1999

Last Saturday, approximately at 10 AM, me (Aldarow) and Rinor went for a long walk along the beach of the Sea. It was the most refreshing, relaxing and purifying experience I had in ages. Blue-green waves were caressing the sand, there weren't too many people on our way, and the cool wind brought salty smells of distances beyond our reach. The sun was centered in the perfectly blue sky, reminding me of Paul Twitchell's metaphor for God: IT will burn anything that approaches, since IT will not suffer anything of imperfection being near IT. Many might wonder -- how is this trip related to the paranormal? Well, here are some things that transpired:

There were flat large stones on the border between the water and the land. We sat on them, I closed my eyes to embrace the sound of this immense being -- the sea. I felt drawn towards the horizon, and immediately, in a matter of seconds, entered a hypnotic trance-like state -- a bright flash rose on my inner screen. This state of mind is very rare for me, furthermore, I am not able to enter it by myself so quickly. I envisioned a couple of pictures, probably inspired by Boris Vallejo's paintings. I saw myself as a prehistoric man, with a wolf (which could symbolize Rinor), coming out to the edge of high cliff, while down there is the primal sea. I thought of purifying myself, of purifying my friends and relatives, and finally -- of purifying the world.

Remember the Dune? Rinor described in the previous newsletters some of our adventures there, with the Old Ones, the signs, the seals. The crows. The Dune isn't to far from the beach we walked on. During the journey a crow flew right above us, heading toward something before us. After that, three of them flew back toward us, forming a triangle, when suddenly one crow broke of the triangle and began circling our small expedition team. I then said with exhilaration, that it was as if something, that could only take place in a dream, a trance, Stephen King's book, is now happening in reality -- and it was awesome!

Many deep thoughts occurred to me. I was telling Nir about some things I've read in Sri Darwin's "The Atom" book, about spiritually developed people seeing the Diving Light and hearing the Sound, and the unstoppable roar of the sea could be such Sound. The sea is telling something, without ceasing, for centuries and eons, and it could be the most ancient sound on the planet, the one that connects our awareness with the the collective primary instincts and memories, with the dawn on humanity and beyond. There was no singing, no howling of the mammals, no chirping of the feathered ones, not even wind's rustling in the trees -- the trees weren't created yet. But the sea was always washing the land, talking, at times sounding like jet airplanes -- an eternity before those were invented. And above all, THIS is Mediterranean sea, the cradle of the cultures that shaped the world: Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Knaanite.

I took a couple of stones and a shell to put under my pillow, as I did with the energetic stones I've bought in the past. One of the stones was actually a sand that was stuck together by the power of the waves to become a solid stone; it reminded me of myself, at first, shattered, spilt and scattered, like myriad of grains of sand, but then 'pulling myself together', becoming one with myself and with the Universe.

I think that we walked at least 10 miles on this fabulous Saturday. Nevertheless, I didn't quite feel exhausted.

If you wish to learn more about the magical power of the Sea, go to Beyond the Known page on Project X, and read Rinor's 'The Sea'. The real force always lies in the Nature.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #9

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