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Messages by James, Kent Myer, Elijah, Nancy, Lynn

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 25, 1999


I was reading newsletter 5 and you wrote:

>There were openings on December the 7th, the impact of which according to Tiamat we will >sense in another twenty or so years; an astrological opening on December the 12th; on >December the 22th -- see below; there might have been one even on December the 28th.

I would just like to point out in the event that you already didn't know this that December 22nd, 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and that the Mayans predicted that there would be great floods and natural disasters when the time came. There is also some evidence to support that on this date Earth will be in the center of the Milky Way and the galactic horizon. Apparently many psychics and mediums have tried to sense what will occur on this date but they often hit a psychic brick wall.

Many believe that it really will be the end of the world but many others see it as a time when the human race will reach a universal consciousness. I hope it's the second one, because it would be a bumer to die three days before Christmas (unless you're Jewish.)

-Editorial response: we were aware of the Mayan calendar's end, but we didn't made the connection between the dates. Thank you.

-Kent Myer-

The WEBSITE you need to link and share is this

Believe it or not by info on your site and I can't reveal where now you may have given me information that will help all mankind.

Kent Myer, Keeper of the Temple, Atlantis

-Elijah [referring to Aldarow's Experience]-

I am quite curious about your dream, and it IS quite a timely one. I see good energies working in you, because you truly HAVE overcome the prince of this world. There is much I could say about the matter, but I will refrain, for now. Ponder this, for YOU, the prince of THIS world IS judged, now don't EVER allow his authority over you again. YOU HAVE come to the point, that ALL will have to come to in these days.

-Nancy [referring to Aldarow's Experience]-

So, from your e-mail, Alex, I'd say you did have some realized idea of the ECKANKAR takeover groups leadership, and we who survived knew it long ago, I have no reason to lie. In fact, I am usually, as I told you, kind of a person working in dream state, Spirit is usually my guide; another reason, I already went through another little psychic attack myself, just a while ago, could have been related to something of what you describe, for it was like the old gang again, this all real battle of two forces, I can only advise the others to take great care, ATOMs know how to escape in spirit, we have the truth to not go near them.

You can also challenge evil, "In the name of SUGMAD get out of my Psychic Space." The name of GOD is HU, it carries great power to protect from evil, even capture it! See they can't stand so much light of God and don't touch love, that's why Soul must & soul lives by giving pure in heart, you know?


I have been having some kind of experience I don't know what it means.

For the past week when I have gone to bed, just as I'm getting real rested enough to go to sleep, someone calls my name, as if there right beside me, if that doesn't happen, then I hear a knocking at my door it sounds so real I get up to answer, but there's no one there. Any suggestions?

I would like to share another experience with the group. If you feel it is good then please post it.

About 5 years ago I woke up and no sooner my feet hit the floor I had to find my sister (twin). My husband at that time did not believe in my visions, if you will. I told him I had a desperate need to find my sister, that she needed me. He said that I probably had a nightmare and that it was just lingering. I told him that I slept fine, it was when my feet hit the floor that the urgency started. After 2 hours of not being able to reach her on the phone he said that he would take me over to her house because I was getting really agitated. There was no one at her home. We stopped over to her mother-in-law's house and she said that all of them had gone to my sisters company picnic. My husband said see you don't have anything to be concerned about. I kept telling him that my sister was going to need me and until I found her these feelings wouldn't go away. He still didn't believe me. Around 5 that afternoon there was a knock on our door, it was my sister's best friend, she said that I needed to get to the hospital as quick as I could that my sisters husband has had a heart attack. My husband believes me now, needless to say.

One other short one I would like to share is that I met one of the nurse's husband at work one night sometime last year. She met him in the waiting room and introduced us; as he was leaving I felt really strange, and it came to my head that he was going to die. He was killed in a car crash that following Saturday.

Alex, I wish I could have good thoughts or images. Why don't I?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #7

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