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We the Bearers of Light

Author: Alishaya    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 16, 2003

We bear Light for the world to see

We walk the trail and in truth we live

It is not an easy way

The way is sprinkled with  memories

To discard the layers we have grown

Takes an incredible amount of strength and love

Each day we look at things past

And yank them from our hearts and thoughts

To forge the way for our fellow man

Is not an easy path to go

We look at mist

Illusion and misbegotten energies

And dig often into pain and blood

The tentacles of illusions reach deep within our cores

Do you think it is easy to Walk in truth, in light, in love?

Than you might ask, why walk at all?

So you my brothers all

May live in Light, in Peace and Love

For if we don't walk the path

We might not be able to walk at all

The way is often steep

The pebbles might be boulders

that you can't even see

but know my hand is there for thee

As I trust that yours is there for me.

Know the higher we go

The purer the air

The easier the path

More Love to share

More Peace to be

More sunshine

More Laughter

More Joy

More me

And you

And WE!

As One we shall be

For all the stars to see

In awe they are

To know that we

Have risen much

Never before

Has it been done

Never before has the Light of Love

Been planted

In each dimension

In each space of time

If it weren't for you and me


Live to serve and serve to live,

Love Beams,

Walk in Light, She/He will always guide,

Walk in Light and there will be Peace,

Soul Name: Alishaya

Native American Name: Knukquni (Sheep Girl)

Reverend Edith Bello Church of the Creator (COTC)

I remain in a state of Divine Right Order ®

Dwell for a moment in a single blade of grass.

Discover the secret of snowflakes.

In these patterns lie harmony, my child.

In harmony, the universe.

~Nancy Wood

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #84

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