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It's not Bush, it's not Saddam..... IT'S MARS!!

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 16, 2003

March 23, 2003

Why does it seem that war is suddenly inevitable? What might be different now than a year ago?

     In August of this year, 2003, the planet Mars (the astrological harbinger of war) will be the closest that it has been to earth in nearly 75,000 years. As it has been drawing nearer to earth, humanity has been reacting to the lower (Base Chakra) impulses that the Martian energies trigger in the human physiology.

     Where we might have before sought diplomatic means for conflict resolution, we now - under the expounded influence of Mars - are more quick to react to a situation with the primal, animalistic impulses that drove our prehistoric ancestors.

     We will also be more apt to react with anger, and to feel "attacked" in our interpersonal dealings. We might also expect to be subject to paranoias as this unseen "enemy" (Mars) tugs at us; leaving us to find an earthly scapegoat to blame for our inexplicable emotional imbalances. Having the awareness of this fact makes it easier for you to regain control of your impulses and energies.

Countering the gravitational influences of Mars.

Resetting your personal balance.

     At the base of your spine is the Base Chakra, it is the first in a series of energy centers that rise from your spinal base (the tail bone) to distribute the Universal Life Force - Prana - throughout your anatomy, and out through you to all of creation. Chakras are swirling (cone like) vortices that connect your various forms; your physical, creational, etheric, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual bodies to each other to maintain your balanced existence in the 3 dimensional world.

A brief listing of the 7 primary chakras is as follows:

1. The Base Chakra.

At the spinal base.

Emits and reacts to the color RED.

Supplies primal, self preservational energies. Also channels rejuvenating energies throughout the full system.

Influenced by EARTH and MARS

2. The Creational (Sexual) Chakra.

Located mid-way between the naval and the genitals.

Emits and reacts to the color ORANGE.

Supplies creational and recreational energies.

Influenced by PLUTO and MARS

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra.

Located in the solar plexus region.

Emits and reacts to YELLOW and GOLD.

This is the seat of the personal identity; the ego.

Influenced by the SUN

4. The Heart Chakra

Located at the center of the chest.

Emits and reacts to the colors GREEN and PINK.

This is the healing center of the full system.

The Heart Chakra is also the seat of the emotional body (the soul).

Influenced by the MOON and VENUS

5. The Throat Chakra

Located at the base of the throat.

Emits and reacts to the color BLUE.

This is the seat of rational thinking (left brain connection) and communicative, expressive energies.

Influenced by MERCURY

6. The Brow Chakra (The 3rd Eye)

Positioned at the center of the brow / forehead; roughly at a triangular point above the eyes.

Emits and reacts to the color INDIGO.

This is the psychic receptivity and transmission center.

Influenced by URANUS

7 The Crown Chakra

At the top "crown" of the head.

Emits and reacts to VIOLET and WHITE light energies.

This chakra is also known as the "God connection", because it is from this center that you are truly at one with the "I AM" Spirit of the Universe.

Influenced by NEPTUNE

     Each of the chakras emanate energies in a balanced harmony with all of the others, but as well, each has a particular "balancing" chakra that is designed to keep it in balanced alignment with itself and with the whole system.

     In the case of the Base Chakra (Martian primal energies) the balancing chakra energy center is the CROWN CHAKRA.

     As the chakra energies rise up from the earth and into the full human anatomy, they travel primarily along the length of the spinal column. In its optimum movement, the base (primal RED) energies seek to move upward in a coiling - snake like - ascent to pass out of the body through the top of the Crown chakra.

     If there is exceptional magnetic or gravitational pull on the Base chakra, the energies that might otherwise spiral freely up and through the Crown can be constricted; causing reactions in the individual such as explosive anger, hyper tension, and overt aggressiveness. (As is presently being evidenced in the thinking and actions of both world leaders as well as  common individuals.)

     The goal in achieving a Base to Crown energy flow balance is to create a system wide balance through the activity of the HEART Chakra. This can be done through the focus of willful forgiveness toward others, and the purposed "warm" feelings that come with love and affection.

     The more the Heart Chakra is allowed to flow freely, the more the full balance (healing) of the human anatomy is made manifest.

     We often use the expression "from the heart" to denote something that is true or genuine. - "The real thing". - As we send love to another, the Heart chakra is automatically energized, and emits healing, balancing energies to the object of our affection.

     This process of loving "from the heart" can be applied on both personal and planetary scales. As the planet Mars draws ever closer to earth, you can keep yourself and those who you love in a better state of balance and health through the simple - but irresistibly effective - flow of Universal, unconditional love: beaming out through your Hearth chakra.

     And you will also find that you are all the more healthy, happy, and connected to yourself, those who you love, and to The Universe itself.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #84

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