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Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 16, 2003

In the shining corridors of Light

I walk alone at first it seems

Earth and sky recede to blend into

Gorgeous hue - purple, gold and blue.

Words stagger, gasp and fall

Releasing eternal vibrations clear,

Language blends, becomes LOVE and

Walks in Beauty alone.

Myriads of souls merge, entwine,

Blend  into rhythmic cadence;

Eternal music wafts e'er in my soul,

Singing, flowing awareness.

Times, ages, worlds - all condense,

I Am of ever Being reigns

Long in time may it have been,

That maternal womb of the Divine.

Time now gasps a last repleted

Breath, New Life now breathes;

Ego's little pains seared o'er

Passion in her pain.

Floods into the whirling vortex

Of Eternal Flame molded

Anew, yet ever old;

I AM and always so.

Time, pain, soul's bare

Estrangement, all pass;

One bright Light, flame

Of Eternal Existence shines.

Creator. created - all One

Separateness now lost,

In Allness the soul

Rests in its Eternal Home.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #84

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