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The Sanctuary of The Lamb

Author: Brenda May Grubb    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 5, 2002

30th March 02 (c) Brenda May Grubb

'Surely the soul's progress at this time could produce a greater amount of pure energy than it is doing.

When the spirit of love meets the spirit of conflict, it is then that the ‘great race’ is on. For the spirit of Love and the spirit of conflict creates a due matter of right against wrong.

Who is right and who is wrong? This question has been posed through the ages, this question of whether it's right or it's wrong has constantly vexed all the sages.

I could say it's right, but daresay it's wrong. Then I am only one little cog; this problem of; if; whether; supposing, the result is only solved by our God.

Who is our God we ask, for we are He, although in part. That God within each one creates a ‘quiver’ in the sum of us. We argue, and plead and become quite aggrieved.

That part of us, which is God in us can beat and overcome what is the rest of us.

At the end of Life's Glory, shall this be the story: - that man in His wisdom says God gave him ‘Life Rare’. Then when it suits the convenience for man to intervene, he'll say, “There is no God, there is only us, who have survived through our own desire, not anther's”

“There is no God, just us, who are divided and torn twixt belief and dispute”.

Then will Life's Glory once more, become the main story – they will turn to The Christ. Till then they will quarrel; giving the sorrow; all alone will survive will be those who have returned once more to the power and the truth they once tossed to the ground; when through Faith round the cross they are found.

“Trust in yourself, because within yourself is the only way forward for anyone of you who would read this little message given here.

There are so very many who would, and do attempt to con the people into becoming dependent on an outside influence. Whether it's on the physical plane, or within the other dimensions around the earth.

The only true journey comes within the structure of the true self, and this is truly intertwined with the entire structure of existence.

Once this awareness comes upon the consciousness then will the illusions of life become as shattered pieces of glass, broken from their former condition held in place by mere thought.

Once an essence of existence (no matter how minute), can become free from the thought, which moulds. It is then free to form yet another structure with which to do battle with structures yet ’alien’ unto itself.

Without a structure created by thought that essence would be merely in existence with neither rhyme nor reason, at least as far as this universe is concern. However, working alongside a universe there are so very many more, which are yet, ’undiscovered’.

Is there a Christ Consciousness within each, and every universe, or is it confined to just this one? “In My Fathers House There are Many Mansions”; this does suggest that, yes, indeed, The Christ is omnipresent throughout existence – as and when we have need of Him. We call upon Him whenever we are in great need. When we feel the need of a Mother/Father figure, they are indeed provided for us, each and everyone.

However, it is also the case that when we feel secure enough to ‘go it alone’, there can be brought forward plenty of justification for there not being a Higher form of being to which we need to revert back to all of the time.

It does seem we can prove the case either way, depending upon the majority vote, i.e.: - ‘if the “mass consciousness” is all agreeing to there indeed being a God, then there will indeed be a God. In the same way, should the “mass consciousness” decide through whatever means to prove that all food should be ‘genetically modified, then indeed all food will definitely become genetically modified. However, to get the majority vote on this will take some doing. Should it be in the interests of a good many, then rest assured it will take place, as long as it is carried out in silence, and the majority are given many ‘toys’ to play with and therefore are kept extremely busy, they will not notice, until it is too late.

Will there be enough “mass consciousness” which will realize these happenings and turn to the essence of itself which contains The Christ Consciousness, or other such belief in order to create the necessary power to prevent these occurrences, for make no mistake, we are dealing with pure energies a the very base line. All and Everything is Pure Energy. One energy will not attack another energy, as it will not wish to become involved, preferring to keep to itself.

Only those who operate on the same energy level will want to reign supreme over that energy, are they who will fight over anything. For example, two lions over a piece of meat. Would a lion and a giraffe fight over a piece of meat? They are not on the same energy level, both have different diets and life styles. This is so throughout Life, no matter what form.

Once all energies are indeed working correctly, then can life expand in the way originally intended; the world of matter will grow into other universes, or, will it “implode” upon itself as in ‘black hole theory’?

As yet, no one has been through a black hole and returned, neither has anyone ‘died’ and of their own volition returned into their deceased body. Is there a correlation here, one wonders. Are ‘black holes/worm holes and hurricanes/typhoons relative to each other, do they relate to the spinning chakra system of the human body? My immediate reaction is to shout YES!! Of course, it all relates, and so it should. This does mean that all are part of the whole structure of life and considered as such.

Each one of us needs to reach into the pure essence of ourselves in order to prove once and for all the Truth to the reason for our existence within this particular dimension.

Mysteries upon mysteries to be unraveled. As soon as one puzzle is solved, then will another puzzle appear, this will be so, until we have exhausted all structures. Then will another ‘Big-Bang’ become ‘necessary’.

The grandest and the most glorious journey you will ever undertake will be one of strange adventure, going where no one else has gone before on quite the same route.

It will always begin as soon as you have learned to still the mind, then take a few slow, but deep breaths. This journey is indescribable to you from an external outside influence, for it will be unique. Each one will indeed travel the same path, but will view it differently. Were I to describe my journey to you, it would never be as remarkable as the one you would undertake.

The journey taken will soon prove to take you to the outer/inner reaches of existence. You are the complete representation of the entirety of existence as it is right now. At the moment of writing this, once it has been completed, the journey will have advanced yet another step forward.

This process will not end once the physical body stops breathing. Consciousness is in existence for as long as that consciousness wishes, and is in fact eternal.

That is not to say that somewhere and at sometime there will not be found another yet untapped universe. We only know a small percentage of our human brain is in active state at this time, and as soon as we can fully activate its dimensions the sooner we can travel into different time dimensions at will, with complete and utter ease and no one will think it strange or incomprehensible. Our present day mediums are only just opening the first few doors.

Each one of us can and will bring through into their own individual consciousness all of the answers to all of the questions which are even now being asked; and those which are yet to be asked, but further more all have answers to those as yet unformed by thought questions – and questions as yet to come... Ad-infinitum. ‘Eternal is and Eternal Ever shall be’. This way, and only by this method can the universe be said to expand. “We create our own future”.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #73

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