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Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Six

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 5, 2002

Personal Encounters With Time Travelers


Part Six: Final Installment

(c) 2002 Mark Andrews

By 1991, my life had so well settled into a (relatively) normal flow that the "weirdness" that had begun with that phone call from George Biro on the evening of April 17, 1978, was not much more than a head-scratching curiosity.

All that I was able to retain from it (at that point) was that George Biro, some guy named "Fred", I, and several other people would be traveling back in time to the year 1978 from sometime in the 21st Century. The purpose for this temporal excursion remained without even a theory.

George, mean while, joined the U.S. Marine Corps, married, and has two children. He was always "reachable" one way or another. That other guy "Fred" seemed to have been amiss when he so "laughingly" eluded that I would indeed see him after our "all nighter" at the Waffle House and into my basement apartment on Garfield Dr..

I was renting a half-duplex on Applegate St. in 1991. I was employed by the Indianapolis Public Schools as a one-on-one classroom assistant for a quadriplegic gun shot victim named Bobby. He was a real "hero", whose only desire in life was to improve the lives of others.

In the course of my duties with Bobby, I would daily escort him to the computer room where he would practice using his head set and mouth stick to operate the computer key boards.

Another daily visitor to the computer room was Robbie. In the course of our regular conversations, we realized that he and I were neighbors and that he shared my interest in UFO's. Robbie asked if he could come to visit me and bring his friend Mike to see some of my UFO related video tapes.

Robbie and Mike became frequent visitors to my home.

Then Mike began coming without Robbie and bringing his friend T.J..

T.J. and I struck up a friendship that continues to this day (1-15-02).

When Bobby graduated in 1994, I quit my job with IPS to begin working at the Indianapolis Star / News warehouse; delivering several routes of weekly free "add" papers. This put quite a strain on my brakes, so T.J. offered to ask his Uncle Freddy (then 20 years old) if he would be willing to take on my car's condition as an on-going project. Freddy consented, and I would find myself taking my grinding brake disorders to the garage attached to Freddy's house.

Freddy never asked a dime for replacing my brake pads!

He was a very somber guy who carried a host of anxieties centered around his marriage and children. In all of the many years that Freddy would work on my brakes, I rarely saw more than a "hint" of a smile on his face.

He was always clean shaven and kept a very close hair cut. Freddy didn't say much, and asked nothing of me for his services. He enjoyed doing the work, and wanted to see to it that my cars were always in safe condition. It was a focus on his part that I found a little hard to understand, but I was extremely grateful for Freddy's kindness.

As the years went along, Freddy began to trust me and open up to me about all of the many burdens that he quietly carried.

Every so often, he would stop by my home (present location since 1994) and share his feelings. He is a very private individual. I considered it an honor to have Freddy trust me with his deepest concerns.

Though still (by 2000) not much in the way of a fixed smile.

With the approach of the New (beginning of The Millennium) Year, 2001, I felt a deep need to spend New Year's Eve at home, and to mark the moment of the beginning of the next thousand years in a state of prayer and meditation.

I had purchased a set of white candles for just the occasion. At the moment of the New Year, 1/1/01, I lit the largest of the candles and regarded it as the first flame of "the new millennium". I then played a video taped meditation by a local psychic that I had recorded from her weekly TV show.

I asked that my path of service to God and creation be made clear to me that night; to be kept as a beacon for the next thousand years. At 12:20, there was a knock at the door.


He told me that he had just been passing by the neighborhood and got a sudden "flash" that he should drop in and wish me a Happy New Year.

Freddy (now divorced) stayed for a short while and then left to pick up his kids for their coming visit. Before he left, he mentioned that he would be turning 27 years old in the new month. That was when I decided that I was going to do something really nice for Freddy's birthday, in a way of acknowledging all of his kindness to me over the years.

In the next couple of weeks I scouted high and low for that perfect gift for Freddy. That would be a model '64 Ford Mustang. He has always been a "Ford" man. I finally located one at a hobby shop fairly close to my home. It was a very big, bright, yellow '64 Mustang. Perfect!

Before he had left on New Year's, I had told Freddy to be sure to stop by on his birthday; and 17 days later, he did.

In the course of that time, Freddy had become interested in a new young lady who encouraged him to let his hair grow, and to allow his facial hair to show. A much different looking Freddy came to my home on January 18. I was so excited with the gift that I had found for him that I didn't bother to wrap it properly, and just went to grab it from under the kitchen table.

As I turned to hand the model to Fred (what YOU have known now for quite a while) FINALLY dawned on me.

The sight of the '64 Ford Mustang brought a smile to Freddy's (hairy) face that I hadn't seen since ......... the Waffle House in 1978.

"Oh.... My.... God", I froze. ""Freddy" is "Future Fred" from the Waffle House!" (23 years earlier).

Don't ask me how, but thus far I have managed to keep this secret from Fred ever since his last birthday.

And just WHY did Freddy, George, and I make that backwards time trip (2018 - 1978 / with the assistance of our planet's Sirian mentors ?)

If there's one simple message that endures it's that "Life goes on!" We are now about to confront the passage of Planet "X" (Nibiru) with the projected accompanying earth-changes. Then we will be faced with the fulfillment of the 12-21-2012 prophecies of the Maya and many other cultures.

There will be much in our collective future that will tempt us to become anxious and fearful.

Perhaps so.

But as I remember the broad, spontaneous smile on the face of my "future friend", Fred, as he walked into the Waffle House that early Thursday A.M. (and knowing how very little he smiled BEFORE the year 2018) I would have to say that our future will eventually be a pretty wonderful place to be.

As of today, I still enjoy talking with Fred and (just for fun) throwing back to him that same mysterious smile that he gave to me on the night of our meeting in 1978.

For now, I'm the one who's in the position of "keeper of the secret".

So, right back at'cha, "FUTURE BOY!"

Happy 28th Birthday, Freddy Dale Alltop!

January 18, 2002

The Journey has only begun..............


(And, to continue the theme of time travelling:)

A poem inspired by the film, "The Time Machine", 2002.


( c ) 2002 Mark Andrews

Your eyes keep the secret

in their soft auric glow.

Is it laughter or sorrow

that you've come to bestow?

Through time's rippling currents

you came back to re-do

some mission / some purpose

that connects me with you.

Your words are elusive,

your actions; unclear.

But your heart leaves

no question that it's me

you hold dear.

How will it all happen?

What steps must I take?

Are we Destiny's chosen?

Are we lovers by fate?

Your past is my future.

On some tomorrow I'll see;

- -beyond suns yet unrisen- -

how you came to love me.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #73

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