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Dispelling Fear

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 7, 2001

Reference" "Brain Wave Diary" (11/13/01)

Dispelling Fear!

The core motivation of Light Working is the elimination of fear in our world, or more rightly, dispelling reasons to fear, to shine light on dark, dank places, reducing fear of them.

PLEASE - Help dispel Fear.

Fear is a fundamental survival motivation intended for us to recognize and react to threatening situations. In a world not saturated by synthetic MAN-made causes to fear, natural occurrences of situations to fear would be few and far apart so the basic "afraid" mode for humans in a natural, well balanced situation would be few and far between.

Our natural light biased perspective would remain intact.

It is doubtful our psyche was intended to remain in "afraid" mode for extended periods and if we are given cause to remain in the "afraid" mode for long periods, (like ALL the time), I have serious concerns about the effect on our natural sentient disposition and therefore relative perspectives of humanistic "sense" (sanity).

Recent events have accentuated the unnatural, unbalanced phenomena of "steady-state" fearfulness, so I respectfully offer this observation, perspective and conclusion.

("Understanding" is the greatest antidote for fearfulness and "sharing" is one of our greatest sentient gifts.)

Some are saying, "The writing is on the wall."

My observation is, the writing on the wall spells FEAR and our perception of Earth Changes are directly related. We have breached a fundamental stability law...

"The Universe smiles kindly on balance and equilibrium".

Observation 1.

In the past decade or two we have speeded up the humanistic world a thousand fold. We have wired as many people as possible to be able to increase productivity and receive maximum input from all corners of the world using as many means as possible.

Observation 2.

In the past decade or so we have made things BIG, products, corporations and governments.

Observation 4.

Tantalizing the market has been replaced with fear motivation designed to make us afraid of everything. Things to fear range from bearing children, our look, each other, right through to microscopic things. Of course, products have become cures, not cool things to have.

Observation 5.

FAST paced and BIG governance do not equate well with each other and may have had unintended result. BIG is relative to the age. If the age is slow, it is somewhat tolerant of relative BIGness. IF... the age is FAST, it does not tolerate BIG, and certainly will not abide MEGA BIG -- IF positive result for humans matters!

In my view, This is a fundamental SENSE observation.

Observation 6. (What is wrong with this picture? :-)

Global premise for a "better" world.

"We will speed up the pace of living a thousand fold, introduce constant fear motivation to sell cures, we will usurp inherent faith in higher order with promise of a tangible reward, we will expand operations through globalization creating few but enormously large corporations to operate it all. The local, federal and global government will likewise expand to meet delivery of the needed infrastructure services and we expect to meet all economic requirements."


- Speed up the pace of living = Mass exhaustion.

- Introduce constant fear = Mass mental derangement.

- Replace faith focus = Reliance on others.

- Sell, Sell, Sell cures = Enormous financial debt at all Levels.

- Expand operations = Loss of short and long-term accountability.

- Expand governance = Unresponsive, inefficient core services and infrastructure.

- Expectation met = Oooops :-)

I am not prophetic but this sure looks like, "outside my window", right now.

How about your view?

If we recognize what is happening perhaps we can understand and take steps not to individually get caught up in what may well be the greatest mass hysteria the world population has ever manifested and sustained for itself. The danger of such massive hysteria might be reacting in extreme ways, ways that might not be best ways, given a fresh perspective to consider. As balance and equilibrium are tipped so perspectives become skewed and the root cause becomes nourished.

Exposure to "Fear" feelings brings out the best and worse in people, maintaining personal balance and equilibrium seems the best way of intervening, sharing your calm and considered position may help someone else.

Fear is the market place for extreme solution peddlers, they may be well meaning... but, reversing the root causes of the source of fear, rather than tackling the symptoms of fear feelings may be the way to go. If the "cures" offered contribute to the overall fearfulness of the situation, then it is likely not a positive or useful solution. Cures should not exacerbate the fully involved nature of the errant situation.

Perhaps our "cure" lies is in re-examining our fundamental premise for a "better" world against current prevailing premise?

Perhaps this enlightenment dispels fear? :-)

Offered in the best of intent with Love, Light, Laughter, Wonder and AWE.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #66

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