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Cryptic Writing

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 7, 2001



     Deep inside one of the pyramids in Egypt is a newly discovered passage way.

     When the area was first discovered, within the past two years, the archaeologists were stunned to see etchings in the stone wall that depicted technologies from the 20th and 21st Centuries. Most startling was a perfect stone carving of a NASA Saturn booster rocked lifting off from its launch pad. The English letters 'N-A-S-A" were engraved along the side of the booster just as they appear today.

     The Egyptian government has closed the sight, claiming that the engravings are "in conflict with the traditional teachings of Islam".

This photo has been available for viewing in the "archives" section at

     I read a report of a grade school boy ( I believe in Texas ) who approached his teacher on September 10th of this year and told her, "World War III is going to start tomorrow, and the United States is going to lose.".......

     An ominous statement (to say the least !). My personal belief is that the boy was being precognitive, but that he was unable to see beyond the events of 9-11, which would certainly look as if the U. S. HAD lost.

     I've written three email messages in the past couple of weeks dealing with precognitive dreams, visions, and messages from departed friends and angelic beings (that have come to my psychic reader friend and me) that spoke of possible future terrorist activities.

     Both my friend and I have been given warnings about a terrorist attack at Times Square in NYC on New Year's Eve at the moment of the annual "ball drop".

     I worked today as a substitute teacher in a local high school. I shared the story of the futuristic engravings on the wall of the  pyramid with the 2nd Period class. I attempted to make a chalk drawing on the board of the NASA carving.

     I have never spoken to any of the students about any of the precognitive warnings that my friend and I have received.

     I didn't bother to erase my "art work" after 2nd Period. At one point, one of the Sophomore girls in the 3rd Period class looked at the drawing I had made and said out loud,

     "New Year's attack against the United States."

     Of course, I was a little unnerved to hear her say that. When I asked her why she had made such an odd statement "out of the blue", she looked again at the drawing and said,

     "Oh, I thought that's what it said !"

     (She "saw" words that I had not drawn on the board.)

     In my personal experience, this was the 3rd warning regarding terrorist activity in the U.S. on or around the New Year.

     (Certainly in New York City, and most likely also in Washington D.C..)

     I have also had a dream warning that rather than the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Building in Chicago might be a likely terrorist target for another plane hit.

     I'm keeping all of these potential terrorist threats before God in prayer, asking and trusting for Divine intervention so that none of them will manifest.

     I hope that you will join with me in this effort.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #66

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