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Another Response

Author: Lee    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 7, 2001

Dear Alex

Understanding that you brought up the point of spiritual action vs simple "pretty" words as merely a topic for discussion, I'm sure you already have your own realization as to the Nature of True spiritual existence.

But you bring up an important point.

Many people who consider themselves Light Workers only understand very superficially the True message that is intended for the raising of the Human Consciousness. This is proven by the fact that many are still hounded by negative ego and the false "reality" of this plane. They believe that the sorrows of the world is real. They also believe that the happiness and joy of the world is real. To the degree that they cling on to this falseness, they are destined to lose that part of themselves to that material transience. To put it simply, if you were to invest your entire personality into transient reality, that personality will be lost, when that illusion shatters.

Thus the point of spirituality is about physical, emotional, mental and intuitive balance. Then how can we show that we have attained this balance? Dealing with life challenges with equanimity IS the very essence of spirituality. If it goes out the window at this point then it ISN'T spirituality. It becomes vanity.

SPIRITUALITY. That is our origin. We are not physical beings really... We are actually energy/spiritual entities. Yet to actually say this, one must already be practicing renouncement of material association, including happiness or unhappiness due to material causes. If that is not attained, then to even say this would be vanity, although at high levels it is Truth, but it has not been realized. It is just like saying "I Am God". Truth... yet not many can actually say it and mean it.

Take going to the movies for example. If your mood is even slightly affected by whether you go or not then you are affected by a material situation/thing. By allowing yourself to be thus affected on HABITUAL basis, you effectively shut off an in-flow from the Infinity (Bliss beyond mortal comprehension). This is a natural phenomenon. And most people have material habits upon material habits... countless other examples... it is no wonder BALANCE is so difficult for many.

Thus for workers not yet working on Eternal Bliss, they have not yet fully experienced the Infinity within. That means that the Spirit/God source is not yet a reality to them. Not able to see this True Reality, they must contend with the myriad distractions of the false Ego.

The Master that we all should seek to be is in heavenly Bliss, second to second, for the entirety of His existence. Crucified or not.

All the Blessed

Infinity is Within you



elohim elohim elohim

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #66

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