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Disappearance Not Yet Solved

Author: Justin    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 12, 2001

I was taking a walk with one of my friends (Chris). This was when we were 12 by the way. My friend was on his bike, I was on my feet, jogging along side of him. We were going to the local gas station to get some candy. He started to cross the street with his bike when a car hit him from the side. My heart instantly stopped. They seemed to stop along with it. A man got out of the car to assist my friend. I was in shock. When I saw that car hit him from the speed it was going, I knew he was dead. Something took my mind off of that though. A few moments after the crash, I heard in my head what seemed to be his voice. I was a major skeptic back than so I thought I was crazy. I couldn't make out the words, but it sounded like he was saying "help... help... help" over and over.

After hearing his voice, I started to cry. The man helping my friend was telling me to get help. But I didn't move. I still don't know why. A lady who was jogging saw the man and called for help at a nearby phone. When my friends mom arrived, she took me in her car to the hospital where my friend was now in critical condition. We sat by his bed for hours it seemed. Only it was really 30 minutes. When his mom got up to go get a candy bar out of a vending machine, she asked me if I wanted anything. I didn't. I couldn't eat. I was still in shock. When she passed by me to get to the door, she told me that I smelt bad. Probably because I hadn't changed my clothes for several days.

About fifteen minutes after she got back, my friends heart monitor started going crazy. His heart was beating harder than I could ever imagine. Nurses came in right away. I don't really remember what was happening. While it was happening, I thought that I should help, walk over to the bed and ask if there was anything I could do. But I did nothing. I did nothing because the voice in my head told me not to. It told me that it's not the end, that he will be all right and no one will hurt him ever again. I thought he would live but a second later the heart monitor went into a continuos beeeeeep. He died. His mom ran out of the room crying, I followed her. Our families have been good friends for 10 years, so I knew them well.

While I walked out of the room after his mom, I stopped chilled to the bone. I felt the most freezing sensation I have ever felt before go through my body, starting from the top of my backbone all the way down. I couldn't breath it felt like I had 10,000,000 weights on my chest, but only for a split second. When I came back to myself, I ran over to his mom and told her about it when she got done crying. Her eyes began to water again and she gave me a hug. Just a second later she tore back, she sniffed the arm of my T-shirt and gave me another big hug and began crying even harder than before. When she was done she explained that when she sniffed my T-shirt, it smelled just like Chris. When before it smelled really bad. I told all this stuff to my mom, and of course she didn't believe all of this paranormal stuff, so she set me up with a psychiatrist. He, one day, called over a paranormal investigator. And he explained that his soul passed through my body, and that a part of him will live in me forever. I was a skeptic than. I believe every word that the investigator said, now.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #53

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