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Change - What Is It?

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 12, 2001

This is a diary entry that transpired as a result of a question concerning change. I had never really ever thought of change before - have you? Anyway questions are my ~(Wave)~ trigger so it was time I suppose to consider change - why not?

Reference : "Brain Wave Diary" (01/25/01)

Change - what is it?

Before letting over to ~(Wave)~, I would say this from a prior question answered. There are certain things that are unavoidable in the absolute (material) sense. Gravity may be one good example. Gravity a gentle but unrelenting force bearing down equally upon all and everything upon this planets surface.

It is an immutable force - one of the LAWS.

On one side of the gravity coin is a picture of slow but certain bending, braking, tearing down, wearying never-ending force and agent of unwelcome change. No matter how rugged, strong or powerful, sooner or later gravity will break everything down in its gentle but deadly embrace.

On the other side of gravities coin there is a picture of a ever helping hand, a reliable source of predictability allowing us to engage the mighty and powerful resource of weight to our daily lives. How much relies on the gentle caress of gravity - one of the priceless yet free resources of our world - where would we be without gravity, one of our greatest allies in effecting welcomed change?

When something is unavoidable and continuous - what sense is it to fight it, to be ever angry at its presence, to be resentful or ill tempered with it. I would say "No sense at all". This state would be one of perpetual misery - and for what good purpose. Best then to examine the merit side of every coin and extract from it all benefit and give thanks for the gift.

Gravity then is one like CHANGE, another LAW, unavoidable and with two sides to choose from.

But what is change?

Change could be said to be everything. If there are a trillion, trillion atomic particles making up all that is - every single one of them is different moment by moment - continuously dancing, changing position and composition. The building blocks of absolute spin and whirl ceaselessly becoming this and that and you and I and back to this and that and over and over again.

Change then is perpetual motion of everything and like gravity is immutable.

This then is change.

Change has the job of making sure that all possibility is done in good time. Change has the job of making sure that what is needed NOW is provisioned NOW. Change has the job of making sure what should be - will be - THEN, which is NOW waiting its turn to happen as desired.

Every change has an apparent down side but a positive and measurable up side. Absolutely everything has absolute purpose and every purpose has absolute good reason. Seeing that good reason is the trick.

This is what is change, and it is good for it is everything.

Without change there is dead stillness and perpetual black. There is nothing in effect. Will not or cannot change is an impossibility - so embrace change and seek its great gifts.

Change brings and can seem to take away but it merely replaces with enhancements and uses what was replaced to enhance something else somewhere else.

Change is the ultimate democratic natural LAW - equalizing everything possible, eventually and perpetually.

What do you all think?

Doug ~(WW)~

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #53

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