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Ego - Friend or Foe

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 19, 2001

The following is an except from a recent "Brain Wave Diary" notation.

For those of you not familiar, the diary is one persons, personal guide to seeking sense *S*. It is freeform and should not be interpreted as any kind of firm statement of fact or any form of preaching - it is simply a thought dialogue noted down for further discussion.

I offer this slice here for simple consideration and dialogue opportunity with fellow seekers of sense who may wish to pursue the thread.

The question of the day concerned ego...

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (01/11/01)

Ego - Friend or Foe! + a purpose for life.

Ego is a fact, a gift and it is good. Use of ego then, like all the gifts, is the debate.

Ego - a device allowing experience of that which is outside of self, to experience everything else with self removed - Or - to experience a simulation of what self might be if removed from all else.

Too much use of ego leads to such a strong illusion of self that virtual separation from the whole takes place and the inability to reconstitute with the whole may result - a lost soul?

(Our duty is to extend a hand, (if requested), and bring back in, those marooned in the illusion of self.)

(The saviour role for assisting lost souls to come back into the whole.)

If this is understood and accepted, then the "understander" is centered with their use of ego.

Too little use of ego leads to not experiencing all that could be outside of self - which is the primary life mission. These are personal choice allowed by having the gift of ego or it would not even be recognized as a choice.

When drawing from the Universal Knowledge Source - my version of referencing God's bequeathed knowledge - I get the following cycle. I do not speak to God - I listen to the pre-recorded hologram - it is activated through questioning *LOL*

While I am here - S/HE is not there! (profound thought *S*)

God needs to grow in every respect, so GOD is away at school.

To grow, God separates ITs whole into relative units (us) and we are given the opportunity to experience the absolute. When all of the relative units return with their packet of experience and reconstitute back into the whole - God has grown. This cycle is repeated endlessly unto eternity. God is the collective "we" growing and developing endlessly. The summation of every possible aspect of absolute enhances each rendition. Each iteration leads to there being more to experience.

It started small.

If there is only one thing to know - and you know it - then you are the "all knowing".

If from knowing this single thing you recognize there is a second thing to know - you add it, which leads to a third.... ad infinitum - but one is always the "all knowing".

Knowing this is everything at that time.

The grail?

The first thing known was the value of zero (space) and the value of one (something).

Using the value of one and zero everything (absolute) possible can be immediately calculated - having to remember things is not efficient.

Knowing everything absolute means nothing unless it is given purpose. Life is for the purpose of experiencing the absolute thereby adding another dimension to dry facts. An all knowing God knows everything possible about the absolute AND all possible experience of the absolute through our virtual selves.

The purpose of life - to get and fetch experience of the absolute from this life cycle - perhaps?

What do you think?

Respectfully submitted...

Doug aka ~(WW)~

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #52

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