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Dreams... The Sisters

Author: Nevestone    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 19, 2001

Engand 1801

It was by a shore. It was a cold and dreary night, threatening a storm to rip through the skies, which were dark enough as it was. A few struggling souls ran through the forest draped in soaked and muddied robes. These women had cried and lived through bruises and broken bones for this night. I was running with an awfully big book in my hands. The pages were yellowed and rippled from years of use. The leather binding held against my skin was cold and snakelike. The breath in my lungs ached... and burned as I felt the first drops of rain caress my brow. In the distance, I saw the ship. Detre... she was called... a massive ship for the time... getting ready to leave... in the uncharted waters that I knew nothing of.

The clattering of swords slamming against belts was distinguishably behind us now... but their breaths and roars of anger were close. I had the book. My sisters beside me. One with hair of gold and the other of copper... Mine was black as night... Three of the six had lived... We boarded the ship... and as we turned one sister thought to be lost emerged from the forest line. I held the rails feeling the wood splinter as I screamed for her to run.

She ran up the plank just as it was being pulled and we embraced her... she threw the key... on its beautiful silk strand over my head... and around my neck...

I felt the ship start to leave as I saw our former captors stand at the dock. A knife sailed through the air... and the fourth sister was struck in the back. She fell backwards and I grabbed her with the help of the other two. I felt her small hands slip as she mouthed... in another life... She fell into the black sea... and we sailed... the key... the book... they were ours...

*I had this dream five years back... I have found another who shares the dream...*

The second eclipse... We have actually found five of the six sisters.... I thought I should share this because it gives some evidence to past lives...

And those people will be brought together again to finish what is they started... so have faith... all who wander, do so with spirits high...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #52

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