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Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

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Darkness is a place

Darkness is a feeling

Darkness is a living creature killing

Away from the light

Coming at the night

As you go to sleep

In yourself the Darkness keep

At the morning you can't awake

As the Darkness just you ate

So tonight you will fall

As the Darkness ate you all.




All these days you couldn't see

Who are you, who are me

But now you know it is the time

That fangs on your throat are really mine

As the night falls

To you the vampire call

Sucking your blood

Crumpling your ear

There is nothing i can do 'cause you have no fear

Open your eyes and you will see

The terror in your eyes

The vampire is me

There is nothing to say

Nothing to do

I am a vampire and so are you

Creatures of the night

This is your flight

Come with me to the darkness

As the angels are whispering to you

You will see the light for a minute

'Cause you know what you have to do.




Our heart is growing

I know it is not falling

as you turn to be eighteen

the heart turns to be within

the days are running by

your heart turns to be shy

as the years are running forward

the grave is ready for the lord

it is the first grave of yourself

you can't hear, 'cause you are deaf

so now you are lying

helpless and dying

the grave is ready

your life is cut

the first grave is for your heart.




Between two worlds life is dying

Between two worlds angels are flying

Between two worlds you will find me

Lying, bleeding

God, let me see!

The energy is powerful

The gate is open

The spirits made your soul feel broken

But now you are late

See my eyes open

Have no faith

Listen to the wind

Leave my body to crash in the seen

Between two worlds no one can survive

Between two worlds there is no one called Clive

But now it is time to go away

The evil and darkness will show up today

They will bring a list with all the dead

You will hear your name from the list

And between two worlds, there it is





Let your soul fly to the sea

'Cause when you will hear the noise

It will all start to die.

I am your mind, soul and ruler

Obey them and you will survive.

December the eight

You are full with faith,

Remember the name: Keith, Keith, Keith.

The days are not waiting for you

The noise has been here and you heard it,

Now it is all starting to die

Let your soul fly

See your life passing by,

Now it is time to go to the sea,

Get inside and you will see me.

Waiting for your soul to come

And hearing the noise from down town.

It killed everything.

But you have survived

You, me

That is the bleeding sea!




Many people saw him.

A few talked to him.

A mysterious life he had lived.

They said he was a man

They said he was a creature.

But only I know what he really was.

Time passed his life

'Cause when I found him

He had not been able to hold the knife.

His mysterious life was a subject to the town people.

They said he run away

They said he had been murdered

They said many things.

But only I know what happened there.

He had not been able to hold the knife.

Only I know what the knife did to his mysterious life!

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