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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Do not tell anyone about this page - the Big Brother might be listening. Aldarow publishes for the first time his "classified tapes, paintings and dreams".

Table of contents:

A. Y-files

B. Secret Policy


In the tombs of FBI

agents Mulder, Scully and I,

the Cancer Man,

from the Hell I ran.

The one who have the power

to control the mystery

will decide the hour,

the time to change the history.

So, go chase the spirits,

"Spooky" Mulder, Dana.

I will laugh in corner.

I will have the data.

Pieces of big puzzle;

figure one and one;

I shall send the spasm,

to your souls I'll run...

??????? <3.15.97>?

Secret Policy


December twenty-fifth, nineteen sixty-six,

Los-Virgos, Nether Regions.

That's what ID proclaims

Concerning my origins.

I've graduated college

At Washington, D.C.

"White House denies the knowledge" -

Was all I kept to see.

In Roswell and Bermuda

They're guarding night and day,

Denying deepest secrets.

They're NASA/NSA.

Rice called them Talamasca,

Chris Carter: Cancermen.

Who stands behind the maskface?

What is their dreadful plan?

And now they recruit me,

They want my mind and soul,

Those worshipers of Power.

(They're building back the Wall!)

While I'm writing this letter, my beloved, I'm sitting alone at my apartment, a cup of tea is getting cold and a rope is ready, hanging down from the ceiling like a dead snake. Bugs everywhere - THEY are listening.? And I am listening too, to the news. Only now do I sense the connection between all the unspeakable horrors the mankind suffers and suffered all over the world. Middle East, Sarajevo, Nagorny Karabach, Columbia, and earlier? Watergate, Nam, Third Reich, Lincoln's assassination... It's the same powerful order, under different disguises and governments...

But I am the one to take my own life...

Adieu, mon amour.? M.N.

Everything is connected.

Nothing is neglected.

They covet gold and youth.

They sacrifice the truth.


No less


By any means necessary.?????????? <5/10/97>

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