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Dreams about The Nature

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

What does really stand behind the overwhelming sphere that surrounds us, called Nature? Here is a couple of dreams I [Aldarow] had, which may give you some food for thinking.

This one I had a few years ago: I was a part of archeological expedition, and we were climbing a mountain, when suddenly one of the expedition members, who was way above me, uttered a heart-piercing scream. Then I myself grasped what he had discovered up there and screamed, as well. On that mountain a coded message was engraved, and the shocking understanding of the message brought the reaction. It told us, that the Nature [or God] did not plan that the humans will take over the planet at all; it intended to give the progress to the fish!

Remark: Years later, when I had the following dream, I recalled the previous one and pondered on it. Maybe, the fish have developed to the dolphins and

they are the race

?to take our place.

In this dream I was at South America. In the bushes I noticed kind of transparent bag, made of, perhaps, some bizarre cobweb. Long-legged huge spiders were in this bubble, and a gigantic mantis. The whole picture was a bit frightening and repulsive, since for sure you couldn't find in the nature insects looking like that. I tried to explore this phenomenon, and the truth was revealed to me in two words: ?Nature preserves.? The thought truly horrified me, since it meant that the Nature, the whole environment, had one conscious mind, and it worked to preserve extinct species. The Nature is conscious!!

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