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Dreams about The Apocalypse

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

The main message of our spiritual contacts, besides the universal journey, was the Judgment Day. I won't exhaust with the known prophecies of holy scripts and modern psychics; we have also published on this site what the spirits have told us of the Last Day, including the exact date and our own ponderings on that subject. I [Aldarow] will describe in general the dreams I had about the end of the world, while trying to avoid unnecessary dramatic emphasis.

It is usually an atmosphere of predestination, of inevitable fate. It is a war, and sometimes I am one of the soldiers. In one of the remarkable dreams I was ready to die, since anyway there will be no world left. I shot bullets into the air, and as everything burned, I quoted as if from the Apocalypse book:

"And the acid shall fall from the sky".

However, it doesn't have to be war of man vs man. It can be alien invasion, or evil forces' hostile takeover, or global disaster, caused by a little mistake; in each case I am among the last survivors, but what is the use? People I knew, environment I've lived in - all is destroyed in those too realistic dreams.

But there is a hope. Few humans remained, but we shall combine both technological and spiritual knowledge; in one of the recent dreams only the youth have survived, to serve as the fresh soil for the new world to arise. We are the bridge between two Earths; we are to create a new one, based on the experience of the previous.

Most probably, it won't happen as one day's catastrophe; the world will simply change its development course as we enter the Aquarius era. Nevertheless, if you have had similar dreams and vision, you know whom to contact. You and me, we are the future of our planet; let's predict and change Doomsday's results.

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