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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

It was a part of the same rapid spiritual development. If I could "manage other skills", so why not the healing, the ability to deliver a repairing energy to another person's body and aura.

My mother complained of constant intense headaches. Don't get me wrong, I haven't insisted on alternative medicine instead of the traditional, I merely suggested my help as an addition to the regular pills. Much later I have also bought her a Bloodstone to carry around and put and the pillow at night, but that was more or less recently, and for this and other purposes. Now we shall return a few good months back, to my first attempt in healing.

My mother was situated in a chair in my room, and I was standing behind her, my palms are about her head, not touching it. Vangelis was playing in the tape, soothing the atmosphere. I was softly telling my mother to relax, to guide herself toward a completely positive experience and a total healing, and even if the latter isn't achieved, at least she will reward herself by managing to submit for a few minutes to the welcomed relaxation.

I began to make passes above her head, unaware of the gestures I am supposed to make, driven completely by intuition alone, allowing myself more and more to become detached from personal decisions and expectations, picturing myself as a hollow vessel that established a link between the infinitive ocean of Universal energy and the energy of my mother. I was a small whirlpool in that ocean, literally pumping life force from it and delivering it through my hands and soul to the aura of my mother.

Soon I felt an electricity, almost a static one, passing beneath my fingers. I lowered my head, and succeeded in seeing a sort of whitish smoke, flowing from the tips of the fingers to the edge of the transparent field that covered the top of my mother's head.

Minutes later, I stopped by myself, and let my mother to return from her trance-like state by herself.

We had another session a couple of weeks later. Same surroundings, same suggestion, and soon enough - same energy escaping my aura to hers. Only this time at some point it was as if my left hand had disconnected from the wrist, and was doing wild circles in the air, entirely independently. I just stood and looked at it, knowing that I could interfere and make it move by my will again, but I did not. This session definitely was much more successful, since after it was over, my mother told me that she heard a kind of loud crack, and then a warmth started spreading over the back of her head. I cannot tell you for sure whether it had completely relieved her from the headaches, but at that period of time she had complained less. I tried the healing again, much later, on a different and much iller person, but that is the story for another day.

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