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The Chase

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Many dreams we dream are about chases: we chase someone or something, something or someone chases us and those dreams usually contains cosmic messages to the dreaming person itself, coming from his subconsciousness or some related or mystic entity. (That is why cosmic messages are important, they don't appear with no reason)!

A suggestion: always when you awake from sleep and your dream is over, write down every detail you remember from the dream and the dream itself, then try analyzing it by yourself only, then if you still troubled, you can talk with someone else and analyze your dream and its message with him.

The message in the dream can come from the chase itself and that is why I have chosen to talk about the chase. The chase dream is very common and as I said many contains cosmic messages in it.

You may have had the same dreams as I had and other people as well, but every dream has its own cosmic message in it, no matter that they are exactly the same. Some of the chase dreams I had:

- MIB (Men In Black), who were chasing me in order to hurt me.

- Some strange beast chasing me on an island and later in some river.

- Cthulhu was chasing me in order to hurt me.

After analyzing the dreams it was clear they meant that the present is changing and the environment around me is changing, something new in reality tried to get close to me, while in dream it was the opposite.

I would be pleased to hear your comments, your chase dreams and the way you understand it, anything can happen in dream and so in reality, they chase one another.

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