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Insights Into Enlightenment

Author: Michael Levy    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 20, 2000

Copyright Nov 2000

Formless Angels filter devotion within meditating neurons,

Delights beyond imagination explode in mystical displays,

20/20 vision of magical thought fills the mind of universal truth seekers,

Insights into enlightenment illuminate Spirits majestic wisdom.

Morning lights shine through all the senses of infinity,

Stillness spreads itself in natures eternal beauty,

The rocks, Trees, Oceans, all flow in motions of transcendence

Spectrums of glorious serenity unfold in landscapes of supreme bliss,

Behold the inner solitude of excellence, reflecting cosmic creations,

Overwhelmed in the calm love of a revolving paradise,

Containers of pure Joy await the gaze of simplicity,

Curtains of silence cast shadows of perfection

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #50

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