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Author: Rinor Zidran and Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)


Abductions by the aliens, it happened long time ago and it is still happening to many people, some we know, some not. It's not new, many people all around the world talk about alien abductions, there are many stories told about the subject and many programs in which people tell all that happened to them the day they were abducted. The question is: Is it true?

The answer is: Definitely!

If you compare the stories and evidences of all you will see a match, a match between all the stories.

It begins with a big light on your eyes, you see only the white light in your eyes and then either you don't remember what happened or you do. If you do, you probably find yourself lying on a metal "bed" and the lights in your eyes, you may see images standing besides you, all white, maybe wearing white clothes, their faces will be different and you won't recognize them, you won't feel a thing, you may see the images get closer to you with some instruments and you may feel a metal "hat" on your head, covering all your head, then: you will dream many dreams one after another and at the end you will feel yourself falling all the way and then crushing to the same place you were abducted, the same place you were before the white light struck your eyes. There may be different experiences to different people, you are all welcome to send comments and tell your personal experiences... but this is what Rinor had experienced, the question is: Is it true?

The answer: Definitely!

I want to believe: a framed picture in Aldarow's room, Rinor's gift


I had multiple dreams about UFOs and aliens, in some of them I could see the extraterrestrial spaceships with great details. Nothing, of course, can compare with an awe a person can feel when seeing those objects in the real life.

I served in Air Force base. Do not worry - nothing to do with experiments with alien technology. One night I was supposed to carry out the guard duty, to patrol in an old jeep. Whilst I was sitting in the jeep waiting for my partner, the driver, I raised my eyes to the nocturnal skies. "Hello", was the only word of amazement that crossed my mind and slipped from my lips. You see, before I even began my nightshift, I told myself that I might see an UFO - nothing self-suggestive, though - and there it was. A bright star was making its way through the galactic darkness, silent, serene... unreal. But immediately as I thought to call somebody, to tell about it, the stellar vehicle vanished, faded away.

The same thing occurred days later - when me and few other men drove home by a car, I noticed a bright thing flying next to the horizon. The minute I wanted to point out to this to a friend of mine, to make sure others are able to see it, too, it was gone, as if it telepathically sensed my intentions.

The third encounter was the most interesting one. For a couple of nights there was a big star hanging over my base, it shifted colours and slowly rose upwards. Others saw it too, and agreed that it did not seem to be an ordinary star. I called Rinor from a public phone to talk about it. During the conversation I told him, "Hold on, I want to see its location from a different angle". I put the receiver aside and moved away from the telephone. Then it happened: a shining body pierced the sky behind the branches of a tall tree. I ran to the phone, and before I picked up the receiver, I already could hear in it Rinor's voice screaming my name. We saw it simultaneously, me - from the military base, he saw it from his balcony in our hometown, a few miles' distance between us.

The following morning, when I opened my eyes after a sleep, I involuntarily closed them, and on the inner screen I saw the big coloured star - the mothership - sending rays toward me. My body rose to accept those rays.

The aliens were a part, a step in our supernatural progress, as well as the angels, spirits, pagoda, etc.

I cannot tell much about my personal abduction - Rinor is more experienced on that subject. I was sleeping in his house, but oddly enough I couldn't recall any dreams, as though I slept too deep. I remember that at some point there was a brief flash of a white light in the room, and I probably thought it was a car outside -- but it was ninth floor, or maybe it was sunrise - but when I finally waked up in the morning, it was still dark outside. The short and unimportant dream I finally did recall - me standing near a strange jet-fighter. I'm not sure those thing are connected, but I discovered a small scratch near my left earlobe, and a bulb in the room was burnt.

Later, during one of his hypnotic trances, Rinor saw what happened to me, in order to close that circle. I was on the mothership, my head was stripped to a bed by metallic band, which produced white light - the same thing that happened to Rinor himself much earlier.

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