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The Return to The Past

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

The past, who doesn't know his own past? Every person knows his past, he had lived there, he had been there, heard the voices and saw the images.

But our past holds more than just pictures and voices left behind a close door in our own subconscious, it's a whole different world that had been created by us and forgotten too fast to remember.

Just 3 days ago, I myself returned to my own past and faced it one more time after all these years, our past holds on our early life, the place where we had started our journey in life.


We all should take a moment, a day, a year and face our past, our demons in the past or our peaceful past, close the circle and begin a new road to a better future.

Those who live in the area and are able to come, feel, hear their forgotten past should do so, those who can not can close their eyes, take a deep breathe, relax for a moment and let the subconscious do his work while you try and bring your past from your memory so you can see it in your eyes.

Whether you are geographically close to your past or not, try and remember the nice, good and positive things, feelings, voices, smells and images from the past to your present right now and capture it here in the present, so it wouldn't disappear and will be forgotten again.

It may sound not realistic but it is, every time you feel free to go back and remind yourself the past do so, the past holds your early life and every time you discover new things about your past that have been forgotten, you don't notice it but it happens.

In case your past is not so bright, peaceful and you like to forget it and never to talk about the subject, DON'T!!!

It is important to face your past and by that end the fear, the horror of the past and by that close the circle that connects the past with the present and leads to a better future.

Good luck and remember: THE PAST IS ONE ROAD TO A BETTER FUTURE!

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