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Times of Changes

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

{As published in Third Eye Newsletter, Dec. '98 - Jan. '99 issue.}

What makes people believe? What makes them follow an elusive and incomprehensible substance like faith? Why more and more of us turn to religion in this post-modern hi-tech era of electronic communication and artificial loneliness? Why are we, raised to be reasonable, logical, rules-obeying, so eagerly keeping track of every UFO sighting report? Why does a simple housekeeper buy a crystal to put near her bed? Why does a very respected judge, or a financially steady businessman suddenly decide to abandon their social status and go to India? Why now? Is it the air that is different these days, is it the water? No, those merely became more polluted. What is it, then? What is going on? "Am I left out of this morphing 'fashion'?" one might ask. No, you are not. Even as we speak, more and more people are awaking, being activated, becoming more aware to the Changes, not physical ones, but changes in our perception of the world, the Universe, the Existence - and not only a material one.

Let me give you a few examples. These are people, who contacted my group, known as Project X, or were contacted by us; their names remain confidential, but there is a chance some of you might recognize one or two:

J. was an ordinary Catholic, when he adopted the ability of automatic writing. Among the enormous amount of the pages he channeled, are quotations of Koran... written in Arabic.

E. is a real estate agent, but at night she astrally travels in places hard to describe; she also discovered a possibility to read human minds, but she prefers not to, since a mind is "a very noisy place".

P. has been collecting for years scientific evidences of extraterrestrial life, but only recently was the Bigger Truth revealed to him, as he absorbed the spiritual nature of increasing encounters.

People all over the world are opening their 'third eye'. The connection between the events, both on personal and on global scale, is not so random. Everything is speeding up toward a certain point in the nearest Future. What will happen at that point still remains to be seen, despite the numerous predictions. One thing we can state with a confidence - it will not be the End, but the New Beginning. Human mind was never created merely to vanish millennia later. Our spirit, our ideas and desires are indestructible. Time has come for those still doubting their eternal nature to widen their horizon and behold the overwhelming omnipotent being, which is our Soul. As we go through the Changes toward the New Beginning, swift shifts might rock the boat, that is our home - the Earth, until the point of despair. Wars, diseases, crisises, crime are threatening our safety. We must not give up. See it as a final test, as a last step toward more spiritual evolution. Soon we will be able to embrace the Invisible. You are the chosen one.

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