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Chain of Dreams

Author: Rami A.Q.    (all articles by this author)

First Dream: I traveled by a bus, the bus was full with water and I wasn't sitting on a seat in that time. The height of the water arrived to my mouth.

I asked the bus driver, "Why is the bus full with water?"

The bus driver didn't answered my question.

Note: this dream describes the first level of the water rise.

Second dream: In this dream me, my mother, my sister and our dog got into a limousine, the limousine also got a lot of dog owners with their dogs.

The limousine traveled, I didn't sensed that limousine is traveling at all and that because the limousine quickly arrived to a high land place.

The water rose a lot, we saw that the water is rising and rising, almost to the height of the place we were standing on.

A lot of people floated and tried to arrive to the high land, most of them didn't arrived, because the limousine driver shot them with a shotgun.

Third Dream: the water rose to high land and stopped rising.

A person who was near by me said that, "Now the temperature will be higher than before the water rise".

I approached the limousine driver and asked him, if he have a dynamite to remove the hills, the driver didn't answered my question.

Note: The limousine driver apparently was a man who wanted to save people from the water disaster and that is why he has took us to this place.

But it isn't obvious why that man killed people at the previous dream preventing them from climbing on the high land and save their lives, maybe he thought that there will be a crowding on the high land.

Fourth Dream: I am sitting in a class on the high land.

The floor isn't straight, it is diagonal. I can't sit, I slid down the floor of the class.

Note: This is the last dream of this chain of dreams.

This dream happened few years later after the previous one.

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