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Paranormal on Web

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 25, 1998

Today we dedicate this section to the most prominent domain names in the area of spirituality and parapsychology. A short description follows each URL.

1) SpiritWeb ( -- no need for introduction, the Internet's number one in spiritual resources. Free account for everybody.

2) Brother Blue ( -- covers every aspect and term of the supernatural.

3) Beyond Weird ( -- archives of unusual phenomena.

4) Psi Counsel, Inc. ( -- psychic support, alt.paranormal warfare, paranormal events.

5) Great Dreams ( -- Internet's largest dreams collection, divided by categories, many of them are psi-related.

6) Strange Magazine ( -- the home of one of the most famous paranormal magazines.

7) Fortean Times ( -- same as the above.

8) New Millennia ( ) -- the ever expending New Age webring.

9) Art Bell Show ( -- world's most popular radio show.

10) Cyonic Nemeton ( -- Web community of thoughts and ideas, especially see the "Spirituality" section.

11) Ancient Teachings of the Masters ( -- the name speaks for itself; maintained by Nancy L. Krinkey.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #4

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