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Experiences by Yuri

Author: Yuri Matias    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 25, 1998

My name is Yuri Matias.

This is my story.

When I was a boy, 10 to 12, I had a voice talking to me, that is what I call now 'inner voice', I don't remember what kind of chat we had but I remember that it was useful , I had also a cool ability, it was like my head was a computer and I calculate the probabilities of something to happen, I would consider it with percentage: if something isn't to happen, I would put it in 1% and what is to happen, I would put it in 99% and it would really happen; I also remember I did the same thing with a protection shield; when I was 13 I quit "hearing the voice", thinking that it was my imagination, but I always consider myself as a dragon and the chosen one, I always liked the paranormal and science, and one day I bought a telepathy book, I did experiments with a friend, but the resultsĀ  were not so good; at the summer I started to become interested in aliens, and later in 1998 (beginning) I found on the Internet a book about the Pleidians, and I found something about astral projection, I searched the Internet, and I found a book called "Out-of-body Experiments: how to have them and what to expect from them", I started reading the book, and as I was in half and I had my first OBE, I am not going into details, there was a thought form (I think ) that was a demon, the demon was with some weapon (not a gun!!!), that I don't remember, and in position to attack, but I was in paralysis, after the OBE I had a lot of physic experiences and the inner voice returned, but less strong that when I was 10/12 years old, and I quitted becoming interest in aliens and started studying paranormal, also the exercises from the telepathy book now work much better, and I know how to send messages to someone, and sometimes I send and receive thoughts even if I don't what to.

Yesterday I searched for "the chosen one" and I found your site....

Forgot to say:

"Even after I started ignoring the inner voice I always considered myself as 'a dragon' and the chosen one" -- there is a non-physical training, when someone finishes that training he becomes a Magical Dragon; when I was 12 I went to Lisbon to a church, and there was a statue of Mary, I saw her head moving and looking at me, then it became normal again.

I am now 14 (almost 15), and I have a large knowledge about the paranormal, but I know that there is much more to be learnt...

With thanks

Yuri Matias

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #4

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