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The List of the Stones

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 25, 1998

As promised, we are publishing a short list of stones and their qualities.

* Quartz Crystal: use it to succeed in Astral Projection, Healing/Health, Magickal Power, Protection, Psychism.

* Jasper: keep it to gain Wisdom, Sexual Energy, Protection, Peace, Wealth/Prosperity, Love,  Beauty, and for Exorcism.

* Amethyst: to help you with Courage, Dreams, Fidelity, Happiness, Healing/Health, Legal Matters, Love, Meditation, Wealth/Prosperity, Peace.

* Lepidolite: is for Spirituality, Protection, Banishing Nightmares, Luck.

* Tiger's Eye: will energize you toward Beauty, Courage, Divination, Employment, Gambling, Invisibility, Luck, Physical Energy, Protection.

* Bloodstone: supports you by Physical Strength, Wealth/Prosperity, Legal Matters, Invisibility, Exorcism, Healing/Health, Business Success.

* Moonstone: aids you in Dieting, Divination, Love, Sleep, Protection.

Disclaimer: Project X is not responsible for any unwanted or unexpected outcomes of incorrect use of the stones, either as a result of misunderstanding of the list's contents, or any error in the list itself. In other words, if you wished for sexual energy, but instead you won a million in a lottery -- well, tough! :-)

Also, there are more stones and more qualities, if you'd like the complete list, e-mail us.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #4

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