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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 25, 1998

From the responses we received by e-mail and on our weekly ICQ chat room, December the 7th influenced almost everyone; our humble newsletter, as we've previously stated, played its part in alerting people and directing their consciousness toward the announced date. Here is one more interesting fact: as I grasped it, according to, a massive attack on Iraq was planned on December the 7th, its code name would have something to do with the weather, a son of the storm, since the original operation was called "The Desert Storm".

Now back to shocking reality. Obviously, the figure '1' was omitted, since the attack was launched on December the 17th - Iraqi clock - and its name wasn't 'the son of the storm', but rather 'the daughter of the desert' - 'the Desert Fox'. Nevertheless, the frightening part was that the 'conspiracy decipherers' were right, with slight corrections.

I must apologize to those more spiritual readers, who hoped to read in today's news section about any New Age conference or planned UFO landing. Today I present to you the freshest 'conspiracy theory'.

When I (Aldarow) woke up on last week's Thursday and was planning to go through the rest of the day as normally as it was possible in Israel, while the Americans and the Britons were pounding Saddam's strategic installations, strange sensations visited my mind. During the first hours pieces of information and forgotten recent dreams were floating, rising up from the bottom of subconscious oblivion, forming an interesting mosaic -- I don't recall ever having such suspense movie-like experience. At one point, I was swept by a surge of energy, only to realize that it was actually coming from evil sources -- the dark forces were celebrating the humans genociding each other. I grinned and the expression "Welcome to Armageddon!" span in my mind. 1998 is 666 three times; 1999 is '666!' upside down; the Hebrew year of 1998/9 is 'Tashnat', a partial anagram for 'Satan'. China and Russia took a stand against the West, supporting the Arabs -- exactly as Nostradamus and St. John predicted; the gloomiest prophecies coming true -- the last thing I needed to hear. Finally, I remembered that I dreamt of a guy that serves in the same base I work at; he is a free Mason -- I saw his Guild ring, and he was naive (or was that done with a purpose?) enough to admit it. Therefore, here is my scenario of 'behind the scenes' of today's breaking news.

It is all about a manipulation, or merely a game that the shadows government is playing with the powers that be. The paramilitary activity two weeks ago, mainly in states of Georgia and Arizona, was a preparation. Monica Lewinsky was sent to the President by Illuminati, New World Order, Masons, you name it, probably the latter, since she is a Jew as well. When they finally cornered him, and the impeachment was inevitable, William Jefferson Clinton struck Baghdad - exactly what the Masonry wanted and manipulated him toward. In other words, Bill-Monica coitus was the most expensive ever, since now the whole world is paying for it. As for the name, "Desert Fox", it is probably another Illuminating charade; my guess is, they hint to Fox Mulder, the ultimate conspiracy fighter.

I know, the conclusions sound too forced, and even plainly paranoid-delusional; but the fact remains that perhaps we are standing on the threshold of the World War III. It is sad, and I wish the Middle East conflict would never come to that. The only thing we still firmly possess is the hope; believe in the personal spiritual development, and your salvation is at hand.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #4

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