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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 25, 1998

First of all, Project X would like to welcome all the new subscribers, those who joined us via SpiritWeb account and those who subscribed personally. For you, the newcomers, a quick explanation about the purpose of this extraordinarily new mailing list: this newsletter is maintained for you and even BY YOU, it gathers people around the globe, who had, having or willing to have paranormal revelations; it is posted by our group, Project X (to see what supernatural secrets we faced, visit, our main goal, while this letter is one of its means, to find a common denominator, to attempt to understand just what that dream, vision, UFO sighting or spectral apparition are trying to tell us. We are prepared to listen to any unusual experience you had; with your permission we will publish it here, or on upcoming Project Y website -- see more on it below. We will do our best in guiding you toward the possible answer, the soUlution, the deeper meaning of any spiritual event you've beheld. See our webpage in order to learn when and how we can be reached on-line or off-line by e-mail.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #4

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