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In Reply to the Previous PXN Edition

Author: Lee    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 20, 2000

Dear Alex

Thank you for sharing your stuff. I see that you have been coming to grips with Negativity.

Then let me share a little about my own experience/point of view. The Difficulties of the World can be classified to three forms

1. Evil. Ill-intentions for others/self/both. It is more destructive than most people realize, simply because most do not know how it works, like a child playing with plutonium.

2. Darkness. Stuff like anger, guilt, depression and fear. Not generally considered as "evil", but also very damaging. These are like poison to the soul. Most of these are MAL-reactions to situations PERCEIVED as unfavourable, so it is a double whammy. Taken with trace amounts, some of these dark attitudes serve as warning signs, but should be discarded, when the person has understood the message (which may turn out to be completely false, due perhaps to a lack of confidence). In short... they are largely unnecessary.

3. "Resistance". This one has many many other names, but as our World in known as a "resistance world", I'll use this. This difficulty is caused by the imbalance of others, whether in knowledge or attitudes. A difficult boss/parent, an irrational partner, a psychotic colleague, all can contribute to situations that can be very difficult to say the least!

I was plagued by the first 2 in my younger years. But these two are really WITHIN. By reining my thoughts, discipline, and determination, I was able to understand the difficulties and stop them completely. I also realize that by understanding them, you actually SOLVE them... i.e., you've passed Stage One. It becomes largely a thing of the past.

BUT my real challenge appeared as No. 3... Resistance. I tried so hard to "fight" it with my old techniques.... But it did not work! They kept disturbing me. I even tried to formulate an attitude based on Harmony to help ... but it could not solve EVERYTHING.

Only after working with a spiritual associate did I realize that We are NOT meant to STOP Resistance! Simply because it is a tool for PROGRESS!! We have chosen to incarnate to learn via this method. (but actually there are other methods, but Earth plane's main Subject is based on this). It is like what OSix said.

So I ceased trying to formulate a panacea (it really doesn't work that way. There is no panacea to Resistance), and deal with situations as they come. And solving Resistance can be simply by being true to oneself, and let things be. At this point of time, I am in my usual happy state, but I know it is only a question of time before it is time for a test again.

The REAL difficulty for people is when All No. 1, 2, and 3 are combined or worse... Confused!! Because all three compound each other, and ONE of them is actually rather inevitable, Life's difficulties will begin to seem insurmountable... and suicide is sometimes considered.

I was fortunate enough to have solved No. 1 and 2 before the brunt of No. 3 struck. But some of my friends are not so fortunate. Some gave up spirituality, some are contemplating suicide. God bless them.

That's the reason, dear Alex, that no matter what difficulties you may face, whatever temptations, You can solve it, you can realize it, even if you must fragment them into digestible portions. :)

There is one more thing that I would like to say. Being rich does not mean that spirituality is given up. In fact, it can mean that more can be done for others. I am not really rich and am not really interested in becoming such, but only if it gets in my way of my training (my Life's priority). Usually rich people are more interested in materialism and thus become trapped. But it need not be so. Let's put it this way. Money and Happiness are not the same thing. Most will do well to remember this.

The Power is Within You

All the Blessed


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #50

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