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2000 Rain: A Look Back

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 20, 2000

It's been a little over 2 years that I have been part of Project X, and I'd like to take the time in this article to look back over that time at the events which have unfolded. In the last two years, Project X has expanded from its official site and library, Project Y, to include coverage on artwork, a forum, a chatroom, dreams, visions, guides, prophecies, and the likes of many things the majority of us had not expected in the least.

Community X's display of vision-oriented artwork spurred the arrival of other displays of artwork, especially Project X's Spiritual Postcard Art Contest, which produced delightful pieces from all over the world. I would personally like to thank everyone for making that one possible. Although Project X's forum went through some very interesting times, it still produced some very valued conversations and thoughts, which were often times carried over into the chatroom. While the chatroom has had its ups and downs as well, we tried to maintain a steady variety of topics.

The topics which spanned subject matter from dreams to portals to the essential functions of space and time, made every meeting memorable. We developed new forums, including a dream symbol-interpretation site (finally). Since these are still in their infant stages as entities on the Internet, I hope you will help them grow and prosper. Visions and prophecies were regarded, and the process of things were witnessed to later become realities. Although not all of them were pleasant, it seems to make all things go round. When I read of the explosion just off the coast of Yemen, a few months earlier, I was reminded of the talks in X-triad a few months before that, which centered around Yemen. Concerning the battles which have taken shape within the last year or so, my blessings go out to all the fighters and defenders, including Aldarow and Rinor for what they have been experiencing in Israel. And for the most recent of battles, there is much disdain and humour in the United States' Indecision 2000.

The Project has seen many a day filled with troubles and triumphs over obstacles which have appeared on all levels, and still going strong. As 2000 comes to a close, it's important to remember the tones of spiritual enlightenment and progression in the skies, from light purple sunsets, to amethyst eclipses. 2000 has truly been a year to remember. And as we continue down our lightened pathways the progression into the 21st century brings forth chances and opportunities to continue the expansion of the mind, body, and soul.



Originally published in Project X Newsletter #50

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